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I used to be a vainpot who try to live by Coco Chanel’s philosophy of fixing myself up before leaving the house. But ever since Buddy came along, his needs become priority. It has come to a point that, when I am not working, I hardly apply make up when I leave the house except when I go to town or it’s a special occasion. Using a local phrase, I’ve become “auntified” (AKA “soccer mom-like”).

Anyway this blog is created for me to put down my two cents worth on food, fashion, beauty, and a little on something else. But after I got pregnant and have a baby, the posts veer toward my pregnancy experience and motherhood, which is also a reflection of my change in perspectives. From a ‘me first’ person to someone who puts priority on her child.

Anyway why ‘Petulant Child’? It’s what my husband describes me at times, when instead of behaving like a matured adult, I get into a fucked-up mood. Such childish behavior is extremely rare now that I have responsibility as a mother, the first time I’ve taken up such a big task. It’s interesting how parenthood changes you. Still this blog is not just about baby, I continue to write about my favorite topic of food and cheongsam, though much less on beauty and fashion. (See the change in priority.)

48 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi,

    I have read your email about Dr Loh new clinic. I have experience some of the same issue too. No one answer the phone and message box is always full.
    So what is your plan? Are you going to change doctor? I am worry if we have emergency, there is no way to contact him.

    I would love to hear from you, I can be contact at jonathanking222@gmail.com


  2. Hi, chance upon your blog when i was researching on Anita Menon for my child’s first vaccination. Like yourself, i am a new mother and will want the best for her. I am hesitant to bring her to Polyclinic for jabs though i know it is the most pocket friendly option. I am trying to find out how much more expensive is Menon’s pricing. Do you know?

    • Hi there,

      The Thomson Pediatric centre has a full vaccination package at S$1568 (compared to more than S$1700 for all individual dosages according to the staff). I found out that certain vaccinations in the TPC list are not given at the Polyclinic such as hepatitis A, and the chicken pox shot is given separately. What I meant is that at 15 months, the child is given MMRV shot (measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox) at TPC. At the Polyclinic, only MMR is given and chicken pox shot is given a month later. The Polyclinic explains that they don’t have the same vaccination shots because some are deemed not necessary and Hep A is one of them.
      What are your concerns with the Polyclinic? I have no problems with the vaccinations so far. Also they give priority to babies. The only thing is we have to keep track of when and where the shots should be given, but the info is all recorded in the health booklet anyway.


  3. Think we live in the same estate,.dun want to mention the condo here…have seen u in the green bus on the way to work…but din c u long time in the bus as i work in town too..I live overseas now….

  4. Hi, I live in china now….have seen you jogging in our estate last time n on n off in the bus.. I think you are really a wordsmith and very gd with yielding the pen. Wats your email address ? Pity we din get to know each other in our old estate.

    Vey expressive writing and I doubt I can write the same if I see the same stuff as you !

    Good to see you have a lovely child n happy motherhood !

  5. Hi there ๐Ÿ™‚
    I came across your blog when searching for reviews on infant care centre in SG. By any chance is your son enrolled in the Sparkletots centre at block 108? I went there to enroll my baby and was told that the Senior Teacher’s name is Allison. I remember you’ve mentioned this in one of your entries. If yes I’d really appreciate if you could share your opinions and experiences with the centre so far. Thank you very much!

  6. Hi Maria,

    We are two cheongsam enthusiasts like yourself, (we are new mums too!) so we decided to start a new blogshop specialising in modern, everyday cheongsams. Please drop us an email on how we can contact you as we would like you to review our dresses. Thank you!

    – OurBitsyPrints.com

  7. Dear Maria,

    We’ve been following your blog and noticed that you’re quite the cheongsam connoisseur!

    We’ve recently launched a Singapore-based Cheongsam Label – The Lady General. From the classic sheath to modern silhouettes, I believe we might have something you’ll like. Do have a look at our website and we’ll be happy to send you a piece for your review!

    Website: http://www.theladygeneral.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theladygeneral.sg

    Elaine @ The Lady General

  8. Dear Maria,

    We just started an online shop selling modern cheongsam/qipao, we have been following your blog and love all your posts about cheongsam, all your comments was taken into consideration when we did the designs :). Can you advise us how to contact you so you can give us some valuable review of our cheongsams.

    Hope to hear from you soon.



    p.s. so sorry I posted to a wrong place just now

  9. Hi Maria

    Thank you very much ๆ„Ÿๆฉ for mention my name and my art of cheongsam Qipao skill.
    I’m recorded by National Archives of Singapore as Master of Traditional cheongsam Qipao
    Received my CITATION from DesignSingapore under Ministry of communication and information – Qipao tailor
    Published by Zaobao on 19 April 2014 – Master for traditational Cheongsam
    My address now at block 465 Crawford lane #02-24 S190465
    Hp 91502328


    • Hi Gary,

      This is a pleasant surprise. Thank you for dropping by my blog. You certainly deserve the credentials. I hope to be able to drop by your shop to ogle at the cheongsams again.


  10. HI Maria,

    I read about your post about IFC search. Can I check with you whether is there way can check with HQ PCF about the childcare vacancy? I had just enquire with a nearby PCF and was shock when found out few hundreds were in queue. Haiz It seen like very difficult to get a place. Can I get some tips from you what to look out for in choosing CCC? Need to make appointment to observe their class (to see teacher interaction with children)? First-time mum of a 6 month old baby girl. Appreciate your help in advance. Thank you.

    • Hi Amy,

      I am rather surprised by the long wait list at the Sparkletots near your home. But on the other hand, maybe it’s not surprising because there are not many infant care centers around. In my post “And the competition starts now”, I put down the childcare link which you can use to search for daycare centers at specific locations. That was what we did when we were looking for a daycare center. We went to each of them to check out where exactly is the location and if it would be convenient. (At that time we already decided on Sparkletots, and so we only checked out their centers.) We had visited the Tampines Sparkletots daycare and we’re impressed with the resource they have. (This reminds me that maybe I should write an update on the daycare.) Anyway you have to make appointments for the visit so that the supervisor can expect you and show you around. Anyway in that post, I had mentioned some questions I asked like teacher to child ratio. Also you want to check if infant care is separated from other children (which is the case at Sparkletots), what type of activities they provide to the babies, what are the parents required to provide for the baby care, if CCTV is switched during operating hours (at least), and if there is air purifier available,.what happened during an emergency like fire, or the child is hurt, etc. Also once your baby is in the center you can observe during the first week how she is coping. But suggest you check to make sure this is available, and also if the center provides developmental updates.


      • Hi Maria,

        Thanks for your prompt reply. ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually they also have few hundreds queue for Toddlers class as well. Guess cos is in a new estate. Now baby currently taken care by a friend’s mother and most likely looking out for a Toddler school for her. Guess have to consider other PCF (non-walking distance) or others nearer like My First Skool / Star Learners / School By the Garden.

        Yeap, it would be great if u do an update on the daycare. Cheers. Have a great week ahead! :))

  11. Hi
    Spotted a shop called Jixiang Zhai in MBS recently. Very Interesting. Apparently was a brand distributed by Cloth.ier. I used to buy qipao and oriental pieces from Cloth.ier. I just saw, over the weekend, both brands having a pop-up store at Takashimaya, Ladieswear department.
    My 1/5 of a cents worth of info. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Mrs Lim

    • Hi Mrs Lim,

      Many thanks for the info on Cloth.ier and the other brand. The info is worth more than 1/5 cent. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I had bought a couple of pieces from Cloth.ier too, though now only one piece remains.
      I will check out the pop up store at Takashimaya and take pictures if possible. Thanks again!


      • Hi Jenny, I sm not a designer.i am a blogger. Can I know the subject of the post which features the designs you like? It is likely that the name of the boutique and location are also Indicated in the post itself.

  12. Hi Maria,

    I only just realised that you were posting your blog articles on FB. Good on you for doing this. I thought of doing something similar a while ago but never found the momentum to start, plus I’m not big into writing. I look forward to reading more….

    Love, Lilian

    • Hi there,

      My son went through the vaccination shots as per schedule. I was alerted about possible risks and also the link to autism etc. I did some research and decided that I am in the pro – vaccination camp. The case of the Italian court which linked the MMR shot to autism was seriously based on dubious judgment. The judge used an expert’s opinion who based it on the discredited Wakefield study. In fact I did further research and found that the Italian high court over thrown the ruling a few weeks ago.
      Despite numerous facts on how the Wakefield study was manipulated and flawed, many still chose to believe it. This has resulted in many kids not being vaccinated and as a result causing epidemic of diseases, like the recent measle outbreak in the USA. It’s amazing how humans are regressing instead of progressing.
      As for the GSK ‘s vaccine. There is also a rebuttal to it.
      But this is a good article to get a perspective on the measle outbreak.

    • Sorry I realized I forgot to answer your last question. When you enroll your child into preschool, you have to provide vaccination information. Before entering primary school, you must show proof of the child having taken all required shots. This can be downloaded from MOH website.

  13. Hi there!

    we’ve been following your blog and we are so happy to know cheongsam fans with a good eye for detail exist in Singapore. We’ve been around in Chinatown for a while but have finally set up a Facebook and Instagram and will be posting regularly from now on.

    Please feel free to check the links out or speak to us via Facebook.
    Love your cheongsam updates!



  14. Hi I recently chanced upon your blog and I really enjoy it. I saw your video interview too and admire your courage in front of the camera!

    I am interested in these 2 designs from Taobao, would you mind to give me your thoughts on them?

    I requested for the back cape to be altered to be without button and instead sit flat beside the zipper.


    Also, I saw this design below and really fell in love with it. Unfortunately the long sleeves and dress length do not suit me.


    • Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Regarding your queries on the 2 dresses from Taobao, to be very honest, I wouldn’t have given them a second look. And my reasons are:
      1) the royal blue velvet dress with cape – what’s with the sheer elbow length inner sleeve? That looks pretty weird. And I look the gold-plated buttons look gaudy It would have been better if jadeite buttons are used instead or something more interesting.
      2) Black dress with asymmetrical length – this would be suitable for a costume party or perhaps a clubbing wear. I wouldn’t recommend this for office wear because the side slits are too high. Though it might be possible to pair this with full-length tights and a pair of boots for an edgy look. However, if the dress quality is crap, you will just end up looking cheap, and this is a risk with Taobao. (And please don’t wear the knee-length tights like in the ad, because you would garner a lot of stares for looking like a hillbilly.)

      As for the long dress with side pleats, the design itself is alright but the prints and appliques are seriously terrible. In fact they remind me of those outrageous costumes in some low-budget Chinese period TV dramas where the make-up and costumes are over the top.

  15. Hi Maria, I’m so glad to see your reply. I did order both dress but custom made to my measurements, not very certain if the online measurements would turn out in a fitting dress (probably not exactly).
    For the royal blue velvet dress I also found the mesh inner sleeves to be quite strange, so I requested that it be made sleeveless, and the back of the cape to be amended to be without the button, and both flaps to lie flat against the back zipper.

    For the other black/red dress, noted your comment on the high slit. I will request the slit to be shortened by half inch.

    I’m not that worried about the length as I’m very short at 1.5 m.

  16. Hi Maria,

    Love that there is a go-to blog in Singapore for all things cheongsam! I’m planning to tailor one for my wedding this year and was hoping you could give some recommendations!

    • Hi Ying, there are a number of boutiques which you can go to tailor made a cheongsam. Mama & Misse, Laichan, Hana, Golden Scissors, Kang’s Boutique, Lady Xiang, Ong Shanmugam, Julie’s Dress Shop at Dawson Place (near Queenstown MRT station).

  17. Hi, I love your cheongsam posts. I’m looking to make a modern take on a cheongsam: I want the fabric buttons and traditional collar but a more modern printed fabric and maybe a different silhouette (jumpsuit style?) Do you have any recommendations and approximate prices if you know them? My email is gee.jay.gay@gmail.com.

  18. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ What a great blog! I have a question: I’m looking for a silk cheongsam as a wedding dress. I live in Europe so I’m stuck with having to use an online store to buy it – is there a good online store for cheongsams that you would recommend? I’ve been looking around Elegente and really like one of the dresses they have there and was about to order it, but after reading your review I’m not so sure anymore whether it’s a good idea to order from them (given the fake info etc…). I tried Taobao but since I don’t read Chinese… I didn’t get very far. Any tips from you would be great! Lian

  19. Dear Maria, I chanced upon your blog when I was searching for a cheongsam to rent. I love traditional cheongsam. I find that some designs are too modernise that the traditional style is gone. It can be expensive to rent / purchase an awesome piece. I, myself, am not a fashion designer / seamstress. But I hope one day, I could spread our love for cheongsam by offering a huge inventory for rent at an affordable fee.

    • Hi Jasmine, thanks for your message! It’s a good idea to rent out beautifully made cheongsams to women looking to wear one for special occasions, like weddings or Chinese New Year. To make it worth renting, the cheongsam has to be a cut above the rest, like those from Lai Chan. I know wedding boutiques do offer cheongsams for rent but, in my opinion, they are not spectacular.

  20. Hi Maria, I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog! I have really enjoyed paging through all your cheongsam posts to see the different styles that one can find in the shops these days. I am visiting Singapore next month, but will only have 4 days or so to shop for a wedding cheongsam. I’m not sure if this would be a tight turnaround time for a custom made cheongsam. I know that you recommended a few stores for custom made cheongsams (Mama & Misse, Laichan, Hana, Golden Scissors, Kangโ€™s Boutique, Lady Xiang, Ong Shanmugam, Julieโ€™s Dress Shop at Dawson Place) but I was wondering if you could tell me if any of these stores sell pre-made modern style wedding cheongsams that are similar to the dress in this album where the skirt flares out:

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your comment. If I am not wrong, Lai Chan has similar Long cheongsams with flare bottom. Of course I wouldn’t know if what I had seen has been sold. I suggest you check out the boutique because there are a couple of really nice white lace cheongsams available when I was there the other day.


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