The second staycation at RWS

Last week, we went for our second vacation at Resort World Sentosa (RWS). This was planned around Buddy’s definition of a fun time: as long as there is a playground, especially a water playground, or something that allows him to move about, he’s happy. Given such a simple request, we really don’t have to travel far since Singapore has many attractions available.

The previous time we were at RWS for a staycation was 2.5 years ago, when Buddy was a wee tot who couldn’t go for most of the rides at Universal Studio. This time, though there are a couple of roller coaster rides which are beyond his height, but the majority do not pose any problem as long as he can sit on his own. During the last trip, though he was suitable for certain rides, he refused to sit independently and insisted on sitting on our laps. But that was not allowed and he wailed. Needless to say, it wasn’t much of a visit, and we hadn’t gone back to the theme park until this staycation. 

Like before, RWS offers staycation package comprising of accommodation at one of the 4 hotels available (3 days 2 nights), 2 adult tickets to the theme park, the SEA aquarium and Adventure Cove water park. For the dates I picked, the package only costs S$819 for Hard Rock Hotel. (Previously we stayed at Hotel Michael where the bed sucks!) It turns out HRH had undergone a recent refurbishment, and from reviews my husband read in TripAdvisor, the bed was good for those with backache which means firm mattress. (This is very important to us because we can’t stand soft bed.) I only had to pay extra for Buddy’s tickets, which is actually quite a good deal. 

The room is relatively spacious, though I must say the king bed seems a little smaller than the one at home. The toilet is also quite roomy but there is no door. (There is a door for the shower cubicle.) I requested for the lowest floor possible and we got a room on the 3rd level, overlooking a rooftop garden. (The reception is on the 2nd level and the hotel is only 6-storey high.) The bed is truly firm but I don’t like the soft pillows. (Alright I’m being very fussy here but I am used to firm pillows.)

Location-wise, HRH is a good choice since it’s centrally positioned between the three attractions. Best of all, it has a large pool divided into various sections, like a man-made beach and a children’s water playground. Too bad Buddy only managed to play in the pool on the first evening but he had lots of fun. 

We went to Universal Studio on the first day, and zoomed in on the Transformer 3D ride at the SciFi zone. The line was freaking long! We waited nearly 1.5 hours before it was our turn. We thought it won’t be a long wait when we finally moved indoor, but the line continued twisting like a labyrinth. Worse, it was almost impossible to get out of the queue once you are inside the building because of the narrow spaces. It was a huge relief when we finally got onto the ride, which I have to admit was thrilling. It really felt like we were inside an adrenalin-packed car chase, and I am not ashamed to admit I was a scaredy cat. I literally hung on to the safety rail for dear life and closed my eyes when I felt like I was being flung around. I even shouted to Buddy to close his eyes, but the boy had guts, he didn’t and enjoyed every minute of it.

Luckily, for the rest of the day, we only spent 10-20 minutes for each subsequent lines, like this slow jeep ride at The Mummy attraction.  We didn’t go for any shows this time but focused on rides since those were what we missed the last time.  Needless to say, Buddy didn’t require any handholding, and had a wonderful time. He also kept his eyes wide open riding the canopy flyer in the Lost World zone, whereas this scaredy cat here was again hanging for dear life and screaming like anything, and of course, I received amused laughers from 2 girls sitting opposite me. 

The Adventure Cove water park was our destination the next day. Unfortunate it rained in the early morning, and the staff didn’t allow anyone to enter the water until the weather cleared an hour later. 

This was the highlight of Buddy’s staycation. He enjoyed the float along the river so much that he kept going for it again and again. 

We left the aquarium to the last day since we knew we would spend the least time in it. In fact, we were in there for only slightly more than an hour. The exhibit was definitely smaller than the previous visits. I remember during the first time at the aquarium, which was not long after its opening, there was a tank of piranhas which both fascinated and spooked the visitors with their stares and half-bared jaws showing rows of jagged sharp teeth. 

A year or so later, during the second visit, the piranhas were gone! This time, our 3rd visit, there were even fewer tanks! My husband pointed out there used to be a big cylindrical tank of colourful coral fish, which have since vanished. Granted there are new additions like these amazing looking but poisonous Blue Arrow frogs from South America, and the mutated Blue lobster (the color varaiaton happens only in one out of a million red lobsters). But still it was a disappointment. 

Anyway it was a fun staycation for us, especially for Buddy, and a better experience compared to the last time. So we will definitely return. But I might drop the aquarium visit though since it is a shadow of it’s former self.

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