The cheongsam offerings for spring 2017

I received a mailer from Isetan department store last week on the lunar new year ensemble available at its Scotts outlet, and went over to check it out. Peter Kor of Studio 55 has a permanent counter there and so does Allute. Clothier has returned for this season but not Sissae. Instead there is a new cheongsam brand, Little Qipao, which also offers  little girl qipao as well as Y by Yann.

In general, the designs are in the classic straight cut, A-line or pleated skirt styles. There are mandarin collar jackets available from Clothier as well, but the main attraction is the Cheongsam. For the Peter Kor’s range, the selection doesn’t seem as comprehensive as what is available at his boutique at Queen Street. So if you like his dresses. It’s best to go to the shop instead, which is what I prefer. In fact, Peter revealed to me today that Isetan Scotts store has the smallest range of his designs compared to other department stores.

There are discounts for the dresses, at 15%. And for Isetan members, you also get to chalk up points for vouchers. But, to be honest, I didn’t see anything that caught my attention. The dresses are the usual designs and prints  that pop up all the time. There was nothing interesting or different. Granted Peter Kor’s designs are available but I have already seen them at his boutique.

Anyway, here are the dresses you can check out. (Bear in mind there will be more stocks added, like the Flamenco-inspired dress by Peter Is now available at the store.)





Peter Kor



Little Qipao




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