Ahhh, it’s the CNY Cheongsam again!

Happy New Year, everyone! I admit this time I’m slow in providing updates on the Chinese New Year Cheongsams. There have been a number of collections launched since November, and I’ve not been keeping track as closely as I should. It’s mostly because work had been crazy during the year end period, which was strange since things were supposed to be quieter. I had taken leave during the lasr 2 weeks of the year, but because of work I had to return to office for a couple of days. Of course, Pokemon Go has also caused some distraction, but at least it does help me to get more active.

Anyway, if you are looking for affordable cheongsams at less than $200 for a dress, you can consider these retailers. Let’s take a look at Joli Pretty, which has had three launches for the festive season thus far. There is a mix of dresses, two-piece culotte set, jumpsuit and top. I’m not sure why the cheongsam jumpsuit is popular among women, since I think going to the toilet will be a pain in the ass. (I’m assuming the retailers continue to provide this design because women asked for it.)


And of course, there is the mama-daughter cheongsam set, which seems to be ubiquitous for many retailers. JP launched quite a number of such sets this year, and  credit to them for being flexible that you can actually purchase the dresses separately. This is great for women who like the designs but having no daughters do dress up. The bad news is all the sets are sold out.

Our Bitsy Prints has not been as prolific though, with one collection launched for year end, titled “Colour Pop”. Consisting mostly of dresses plus a top in pastel and bold colors as well as showcasing OBP’s love for lace.



The Happy Cheongsam launched The Noir et Blanc collection sometime in mid December; with only 2 dresses and a top.


This is one of two mama-daughter cheongsam offerings from THC, but the pieces cannot be bought separately. The entire set is S$249.


If you are one of those who prefer to try out the clothes before purchase, you can check out Miz Apparels which has two stores located at downtown: Marina Bay Link Mall and One Raffles Place.  You also have the choice of buying online.

I must say that MA’s dresses look rather appealing on the mannequins, however, strangely, they don’t look so good once I put them on. Is it me or what? So, I’m a little reserved about getting any this year, though I may consider a cheongsam top instead.


MA is known for its mama-daughter cheongsam sets, and the little dresses are some of the most adorable and stylish out there. They are also available separately. Even if you are not planning to get any of the dresses for yourself, do check out the little cheongsams if you have girls. For me, I get them for my nieces. 



To be honest, in terms of designs and prints, MA has a stylish edge over the others. But somehow I find the look gets a little stale after some time. So I’m searching for something classic and yet modern that can withstand the passing of time. 



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