The fabulous cheongsams for the seasons

I know it is not even Christmas yet least alone Chinese New Year, but I am sure some are eager to check out the stunning Cheongsams available for the festive Seasons. Besides, who says you can’t wear qipao for the yule tide celebration?

When you pick a gorgeous dress, it is not just about the design, it has to show quality workmanship. I am presenting here some cheongsams from two boutiques known for their fine tailoring skill. First of which is Hana. I know I have mentioned a few times that its cheongsams can look a little ornate to the point of seeming matronly. But they certainly do get a  second look because of  the excellent fabrics and sewing. Some of the dresses do have amazing prints or the embroideries like this cheongsam on the left below. I like the floral print which reminds me of a painting. Anyway, you’ll be seeing lots of red color around since it is  a favorite for Chinese New Year, and is also appropriate for Christmas. 

The other brand featured here is Lai Chan. I have mentioned, numerous times, the exquisite workmanship of his clothes and of course, the beautiful fabrics and interesting designs.  Though these dresses are in the traditional straight cut style, Lai Chan knows how to spice things up with little details; be it fluffy binding, faux pearls or crochet floral embroidery. In fact he has always been bold in trying something new. Check out the tweed cheongsams below! Few use unconventional fabrics like he does.

Granted, for these high quality cheongsams, the price tags don’t come cheap. But that is to be expected because you certainly do get what you pay for, and besides these are one of a kind dresses. There is no worry of anyone wearing the same dress as you anywhere. If you ask me for a comparison, I will say that a Lai Chan’s dress, at half the price of Hana’s, is much more value for money. The former has a big edge in terms of beautiful and interesting designs. If you are thinking of getting a special cheongsam, check out Lai Chan’s boutique, and by the way, this is not a sponsored post. I am truly impressed with his dresses!

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