The PurpleCloud cheongsams

A few weeks ago, I was walking along OUE link bridge when I spotted a boutique with cheongsams on display. It is called Frockalicious, a shop that offers not just qipaos but working dresses and formal gowns. I didn’t have time to browse through the selections and so returned on another day. This time, I spoke briefly with the owner, Jennifer Choi, who told me that the cheongsams were not designed by her, and instead from a fashion brand called “PurpleCloud”. I did a little research and found that it was the brainchild of a Singaporean duo, who wanted to create whimsical cheongsams.

The facebook post of PurpleCloud does not have many pictures, and instead I obtained the kind permission of Jennifer to lift images from her site. Not all the cheongsams are striking, in my opinion, and I only selected those that caught my eyes.

Let’s start with the classic cut. For those who prefer the traditional look, here is a lace cheongsam that will not go wrong in any formal occasions or even for a client meeting. 


One of the dresses that attracted me is this red lace overlay qipao, which oozes sexiness. 


I am liking another lace cheongsam here; particularly the floral print. 


If you prefer the modern look, there are a number of choices such as these below. I am sure many ladies will be pleased that the collars are also shorter compared to the traditional style.




This interesting piece below is an eye-catching origami style cheongsam with drawstring. It is part of a 4-piece Japanese picnic collection. 


Check out this stylish skater style cheongsam! 


For an Audrey-Hepburn look but with an oriental twist, we have one in gingham cheongsam and the other in babydoll cut.



This piece below is one of my favorites! A mini cheongsam with modern print that comes with matching jacket. A very  chic looking ensemble! 


Another outstanding piece is this gorgeous red short dress with a peekaboo lacy back. This is the cheongsam equivalent of the LBD. 


Finally, the dress that bowled me over! A regal long cheongsam inspired by the kimono. I find the design and the print absolutely amazing!


When I was at the shop, I took pictures of a modern cheongsam which is not listed in the website. A simple piece which goes well for office wear.

Generally, in terms of workmanship, I would say it is pretty alright for the prices the cheongsams are going for, which are in the range of between S$129 and below S$300. Of course you cannot expect the quality of Studio 55, least alone Lai Chan. But if you compare with Blum or the mid-range brands, I think the PurpleCloud cheongsams are worth considering. 

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