New cheongsam launches

I haven’t been updating on many cheongsam brands lately, especially for Joli Pretty, which has  had two launches since I last featured it. Blame it on my obsession with Pokemon Go. Man, the game is pretty addictive for me! Anyway, I decided that I have to refocus my attention back to my favored wear.

JP launched its latest collection on 19 October, a very early Chinese New Year preview. There are all dresses except for one top, and I notice the love affair with the Japanese kimono look is still ongoing. Overall, I don’t find any designs worth shouting out, nothing that stands out to make me have a second look. 

I’m afraid the same sentiment applies to Lark and Peony. The brand has launched a preorder for the Undercurrent series, designs with lace overlay on Japanese fabric. The cheongsam, in the USA classic cut, comes in the three colors: pink (as shown), green and burgundy. 


The collection includes a new design, a 2-piece culottes, which I am sorry to say, doesn’t look very presentable to me. It reminds me of sleepwear. 


So, I’m not exactly impressed with L&P’s latest collection either. 

Shanghai Tang has just launched six limited edition cheongsam designs, though a couple of them are still not available in store yet. According to the website, there are less than 10 pieces per dress and can only be purchased online or from a few stores worldwide. The cheongsams are in the classic cut, made from luxurious material. 

Take a look at this qipao below left, it’s made from calf leather with laser cut pattern to resemble lace. It is retailed at more than S$5,000.


Here we have an elegant velvet cheongsam, which will be available soon.

Next, a jacquard cheongsam with crystal. 

Another calf leather cheongsam, but with embroidery.

And finally, a fully beaded cheongsam that retails at a whopping S$11,000! 

For those who is not looking for the red carpet look, you can consider the below designs which are more versatile. 


To be honest, though the limited edition cheongsams do look exquisite, but in terms of style, I prefer those from 2015. I think Shanghai Tang is merely relying on expensive materials to boost this year’s  limited edition line instead of showcasing amazing designs like what they did last year. 

Anyway for the next post on cheongsam, I will be featuring designs from a shop I have recently discovered. 


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