The new collection from Studio 55

I was at Peter Kor’s boutique yesterday to view the new collection that was launched recently. It mostly makes up of working dresses and jackets, and a few cheongsams. You will see, from the pictures, that even the classic dress is given the work look, which makes it really wearable.

All the qipaos have hidden back zips, with (I think) 3″ collars, which is actually not very high. For those who like colors, take a look at the dress below, made from a luxurious floral printed fabric with a tinge of sheen, which, unfortunately, my camera couldn’t capture. It makes for a stand-out dress that is retailing at S$299.

Here is an elegant cheongsam in tweed-like fabric with tiny pearls lining the collar and on the faux divider along the right chest. The pearls are not very obvious in the pictures since they are meant to be subtle embellishment.

We have a cap-sleeved cheongsam here. If you are wondering why the fabric looks familiar, it is because it was used on a sleeveless cheongsam that I featured in an earlier post “Cheongsam News from Peter Kor”. This cotton/polyester mix dress goes for S$399. I think it’ll make for a good National Day dress.

And finally, we have a modern silk cheongsam with tiny floral embellishment along the chest divider, retailing at S$399.

For the prices the dresses are sold for, I must say they are rather reasonable considering the beautiful fabrics and the fine workmanship. The boutique is located at 222 Queen Street, level 2, and Isetan Scott department store is stocking the collection as well. I have also received a mailer this afternoon that there is an exclusive discount from today till 16 October for the W Collection at both locations. I am not sure if all the above cheongsams are included but do check them out if you are interested in the designs.

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