Check out the Lai Chan’s cheongsams

I popped by Lai Chan’s boutique the other day to see if there were any new designs. Though there is nothing significantly different from what I had seen previously, I spotted two white lace cheongsams which are absolutely gorgeous for wedding luncheons. Check out the designs below.

The first dress has frilly floral appliqué which suits those for a taste of ultra femininity. Look at the amazing details and the white stone buttons! This makes for a standout wedding dress.

For those those prefer a more toned down look for the wedding, here is an option for you. A classic dress that exudes grace and is no less beautiful.



Instead of new designs, the cheongsams come in new prints. There are various types of floral patterns, from the classic, the abstract, to kimono print.


Initially I thought the kimono print would look better if it is brighter, but I realized that the darker colors make for a more elegant look.

If you are sick of floral prints, there are the block color cheongsams with a floral appliqué along the right side of the dress to spice up the dresses.

There is the loose fit which I had featured before. This design is good for the pregnant lady or those who want a casual look, though it is not something I will go for.


Finally, we have the cheongsam top, with pretty floral applique on left shoulder.


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