The adhoc cheongsams and chinoiserie style 

I must say the cheongsam scene is really quiet these couple of months. There are few launches, and it seems like most are caught up with other busy work. Including me, who have been pretty distracted. 

Anyway, I thought I should showcase some designs to keep up the stuttering (close to braking point) momentum. So, here we have some designs from Hana boutique. 

The cheongsams, as you may realize, are usually in the classic straight fit, though the boutique does also offer cheongsam tops as well as an occasional modern design. Still, the dresses can’t run away from the “grand lady” look, with some being unabashedly ostentatious even. It may be due to the frills and fabrics, but the dresses don’t have a vibrant youthful look to them, and look more suited for middle aged ladies of leisure. 

I thought Shanghai Tang would have quite a few interesting cheongsams available, since it employs an army of designers. But turns out there is an emphasis on non-cheongsam attire instead. I managed to find a new design in the modern qipao look, which some might even dispute that it is a cheongsam. 

I was at Scotts Square yesterday and spotted the boutique, Chi Chi Von Tang, located at level 1. I was struck by how elegant and chic the displays look, and did a little research on the store.  

It turns out this is a new Singapore fashion label that melds oriental style with edginess. Looking at the designs on the website, I can understand why it is described as “Grace Jones meet Chinese couture”. This is the attire for a punk rocker with expensive taste! Despite not having any cheongsams, I might check out the chinoiserie tops instead. Maybe I will be able to show some pictures of their current collection. This reminds me, I should go check out Lai Chan and Studio 55 again. 


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