Buddy, don’t grow up so fast!

It has been a few weeks since my last post. I have been pretty busy with work and Buddy was also sick, which, unfortunately, didn’t leave me time for the blog. Needless to say, I haven’t been spending much time following up on new cheongsam designs either. So, this post is dedicated to Buddy instead.

Looking at past pictures of Buddy, it’s amazing how fast he has grown. He’s a meter in height now, though I wish he is slightly taller. But my husband told me he’s still a toddler and his development has a long way to go. Despite being a four-year-old, Buddy sometimes wants us to pamper him like a baby. He still wants my husband to carry him if he can get away with it, especially when we take him on the escalators. I don’t know why, but Buddy is afraid of stepping on them, maybe he’s scared he would trip and fall. He wails when we try to insist he rides the escalator on his own, so we end up having to carry him.

Buddy does not have a “cowabunga” personality, in the sense that, outside the comfortable confine of home, he avoids trying something that might risk a fall, like climbing up a rope ladder at the playground. Though this doesn’t mean he’s timid. He is not afraid to push back when other kids try to take his place or his playthings, or refuse to give way to him.  He will stand his ground and loudly tell the other kid off, “Hey, this is mine!” Sometimes I have to tell him to share the toys or play area in the toy store, because he can be a little too assertive. I guess we had taught him too well. You see, when he was like two years old, he was pushed around by other older kids or had his toys taken away from him and he would wail.  So we told him to stand his ground by loudly telling the other kids, “No, this is mine!”, and we even acted out the role play for him  to learn.

Buddy loves to go to the toy stores, more so than playgrounds, and in fact his favorite hang-out is The Better Toystore. Whenever we take him out, he will ask to go there to play. We are  there so often that I have to buy something from the store, from time to time,  else it gets a little embarrassing for us.  During those times when he doesn’t get a chance to go to a toystore, we will tell him that he has one at home. And it’s the best toystore since there’re no other kids around to fight for space  or toys.

Talking about toys, Buddy’s love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) is over. At least for now.  He’s not even interested in wearing the T-shirts or pajamas. At least though, he’s now back to wearing the clothes bought pre-TMNT, mostly dino T’s. He switched his attention to “Underdog” about a month ago; this is a 2007 movie which I think most people probably have not heard of (at least I didn’t until we saw it on cable). It’s about a beagle which found itself possessing superpower after an accident in a lab.


Buddy loved the protagonist, and he wanted to be “Underdog”! And of course, the superdoggie must have a cape. He didn’t want the TMNT capes with the turtle shells on them (there are two pajamas with removable capes), and instead he asked for the swaddle cloth as the cape.

I think Buddy’s liking for the super beagle may have stemmed from his doggie cushion, which has a picture of a Jack Russell Terrier on the casing. We bought it for him before he was two, from a shop that sold animal-themed products. He absolutely loves the JRT , which is called “doggie” (duh!), and it goes to bed with him every night, and even goes out with him sometimes. It’s like a pet dog to him. I cannot imagine the day when the cushion casing is torn because I only have one extra, and the shop has since closed. I might try to get another one with a cute doggie picture and pray he accepts it. But he will definitely wail like a banshee when he doesn’t have “doggie” with him when he sleeps.

Anyway, now that Buddy has moved away from TMNT, he is back to playing with his trains and occasionally, the dinos. And he’s also renewed his interest in Godzilla, which he was devoted to before his attention was taken over by TMNT. So you see, kids being kids, their interests change all the time. Probably in a few months’ time, he will return to the turtles.

Still, despite imagining himself as a super hero, Buddy is afraid of monster, specifically the insect monster in the 2014 Godzilla movie. Admittedly, my husband and I are at fault for allowing him to watch it, as well as “Jurassic World”. Though he didn’t show any anxiety during the shows, he becomes anxious during bed time, after I switch off the light. He tells me almost every night, “Mama, I’m scared of monster.” After some probing, he revealed it was the insect monster. Even though I tried telling him it is not real, he cannot grasp the reality. I guess, being a kid, he has a fertile imagination and the monster probably takes on a larger than life image in his mind. Even when I told him that I was not afraid of it and I would beat the crap out of the monster, he said, “it’s very, very big, with sharp teeth!” So now I tell him that Godzilla will protect us. (Lately, Buddy has also shown an interest in the Power Rangers, probably learned about them from the other kids in school since he doesn’t watch any children programs on TV. My husband assures him that the Power Rangers are also helping us to fight the monster, and he doesn’t have to worry.) So, no more scary movies for Buddy, only kiddy-friendly ones!

Over the past 2 nights, Buddy also told me he didn’t like the dinos, and that he didn’t like the T Rex and Carnotaurus. (The dino movie!) When he was watching “Jurassic World”, I was a bit worried it was too violent for him, but he said, “it’s just a movie!” Turns out, perhaps, his imagination is getting the better of him. He might have been spooked by the fight between the T-Rex and the Carnotaurus-like mutant in the show climax. (By the way, the monster in the movie is not a T-Rex mutant as claimed in the storyline, it actually looks more like a Carnataurus. Even Buddy knows that. And the image of the velociraptors is totally wrong, they look like Coelophysis instead. The movie producers have absolutely no idea what the dinos look like!)

But Buddy still has a deep interest in dinos, and he is constantly asking for dino books. Like the expanding train members, he has a growing dino family. Though he has a preference for the herbivores now, as the carnivorous models look rather intimidating especially since they are pretty life-like. Thanks to Buddy, I have also gained much knowledge of the dinos from the books I read to him. Because of this, I like to ask the producers of the dino movies why use “Jurassic” name, when many of the prominent dinos like T Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops only existed in the late Cretaceous period? (See, I know my dino stuff!)

Alright, enough of dissing the dino movies, back to Buddy. He does whine about going to school (daycare) at times, but luckily he doesn’t protest as much now. We still use the star reward system to get him to do things. Like when he quickly put on his shoes in the morning (as quick as a young kid can get, since getting a toddler to do something is like herding a cat), or when he eats his vegetables, he gets a star. Lately, he is able to get over his fear of public performance and to stand before a crowd. The first time was more than two months ago, when his class performed before the parents, as part of the speech and drama class performance. And last Saturday, he and some of his friends participated in a poetry recitation competition. We were really proud of him that he was able to stand before a big crowd. We gave him a star for his bravery.


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