The latest cheongsam launches 

Since the last launch in April, Our Bitsy Prints has been quiet until now, when it will launch its 30th collection today at 9PM local time. Titled “Sunny Singapura”, it’s an advance shout out to our National Day on 9 August.

The collection features tropical  prints, batik fabrics and colors that are fitting for the sun-drenched nation. I wouldn’t say I am bowled over by the designs, but there are a couple which are quite pretty, like this pastel orange lace cheongsam.

I do like the design of this brown batik dress with bell-shaped sleeves, but the color is rather dull. I thought there should be lots of green and vibrant tropical colors?

Sissae‘s latest cheongsam collection is called “Daydreaming”, and pastel colors are chosen for the theme. (I take it that when you daydream, your mind is in a haze and so colors seem lighter?)

Sissae has always tried to make the cheongsam design looks ultra modern, with mix results in my view. This time, I must say the collection does look rather classy and elegant. I hope the workmanship has improved though.


Lark and Peony launched two designs for pre-order a few days ago. These are not new looks, but basically a change in prints.



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