Cheongsam sales continue at Studio 55

Studio 55, the boutique by Peter Kor, has moved from Purvis Street to 222 Queen street a couple of weeks ago. I made a trip to the new location yesterday to check out the new shop. 

I must say I like the ambiance at Queen street better than at Purvis. Queen street is the lane along The Singapore Art Museum, which is a stone’s throw away from the shop. There is the Church of St Peter and Paul next door, and Singapore Management University is pretty close by. 

The place has a cultured vibe about it. In fact, as I was walking down the street, I noticed two pianos standing in this open space and there were two kids playing on them. There is also a relaxed air about the locale, even the cars drive by leisurely. 

The place is rather easy to get to, with the Bras Basar MRT station very close by, and lots of buses. For those who drive, parking is available at the church (except on Sunday), or the hotel across the streets.

Peter’s shop is located in this building called “Le Danz”, at #02-03. When I first stepped in, I was a little surprised to find the shop space had shrunk compared to the one at Purvis’. But it turned out there was more to the boutique as Peter led me along a hallway to a another part of the shop where more racks of dresses are available.

The decor retains the previous classy zen look. There is no clutter, lots of space to move around, and there are three changing rooms.

Peter has extended the relocation sale to the end of this month, 30 June. At either 50% or 70% off, the dresses and jackets are worth checking out. There are also non-cheongsams available, for those who want regular dresses. Peter will be launching his new collection in mid July, and there wil be an official opening of the new shop.


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