The return of Lai Chan cheongsams 

A couple of days ago, after a long hiatus, I popped by Lai Chan boutique to catch up on the new designs. I met up with the man himself and Eddie, and it was good to see both of them looking well. 

Eddie told me they managed to clear some custom orders and launched new clothes from the backlog designs. There are beautiful classic dresses with the semi-precious stone buttons are available in new fabrics and prints. 

First on the list, we have this cheongsam with an interesting retro print. Though it is not lined, it still retain the amazing workmanship! The fabric is a mix of cotton with elastane and other polyester, and so there is some stretch to it.

Despite having reservations about floral print, I really like this dress with a chinoiserie image of large peonies and mandarin ducks against a pink backdrop. I am attracted by its bold and striking look!

Lai Chan has created a cheongsam for the T-shirt crowd, using T-shirt material: a basic cotton cheongsam with stud buttons and no piping. For those looking for a casual cheongsam, this is it! However, I feel the sleeves make the dress looks rather matronly.

Below is an elegant cheongsam with floral appliqués. 


Another floral dress, which is part of the new collection, featuring Japanese kimono prints. The fabric is cotton, and the collar comes with checkered piping.

Lai Chan’s cheongsams are mostly sleeveless. This cap-sleeved cheongsam is created in response to requests from the older customers (“aunties”) who want short sleeves to cover the flabby arms. However, this length is seriously not going to help, and Eddie agrees with me. You would need something longer, like elbow-length, which will then make the wearer looks even older. 

Here is a gorgeous long cheongsam, made from silk brocade fabric with a beautiful sheen. Eddie told me such fabric is hard to come by, and it is only sufficient to make a couple of dresses.

And here we have a modern piece for the plus size lady. According to Eddie, this dress is also for women who want a loose fit, and it even has a side pocket at the hip (see third picture). It also comes with a zip for easy wear. 

From dresses, we go to jackets. Lai Chan had made some avant garde pieces which may take some getting used to.

 Guess what? Surrounding the collar of this jacket below is a layer of real bird feathers! 

 An elegant  bright red cape which is light enough to be worn in Singapore.

Finally, we have a regal-looking top that is partly  made from silk brocade fabric (front and collar). Another beatitude creation from Lai Chan!


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