Buddy’s birthday celebration

Buddy celebrates his fourth birthday today, together with his classmates in school. For the first time, I ordered a character cake for him. And what else but a TMNT cake? Specifically, it’s a picture cake, and Buddy had selected this image for it.

As for Buddy’s birthday gifts, needless to say they are of TMNT. He had spoken about getting a turtle shell a number of times. Since he didn’t have one, he improvised by wearing a bag (like the Berries bag) on his back, imagining it to be a shell. We are not sure how to make one for him that has sword holders. It’s likely possible but might be tedious, so I decided to get one from Amazon instead.

And how can any self-respecting turtle go without a mask? The Leonardo eye mask that came with the combat gear from Toys R Us isn’t suitable for Buddy because it tends to slip and irritates his eyes. I searched on Etsy and found these felt masks with elastic band. I bought a set from the seller (including an extra Donatello mask for a classmate), and the seller very kindly included a free set of purple wrist cuffs to go along. These are pretty well made and comfortable, and I am sure Buddy will not want to take them off.

This year, I was wondering what party favors to give to Buddy’s classmates. I didn’t want to include sweet snacks because I usually throw away those that were given to him. I also feel the kids have enough of the usual party favors like blowouts, stickers, and the numerous stationeries. Initially I thought I would get each of them a special board game, like Frozen game for the girls and Avengers or some superhero game for the boys. Strangely, it was easier to find something cost effective for the girls but not the boys. So I decided to go for books instead. I settled on these 5-minute stories: Marvel for the boys, and either Frozen or Disney for the girls.

When I received them from Amazon, I was surprised to find that these hardcover books are 3/4 inch thick and were bigger than I thought. My husband didn’t appreciate them as party favors because he feels that books can be easily borrowed from the library. He said I should have gotten puzzles for the kids instead. But my female colleagues disagree and think these are great gifts. My hope is that the kids’ parents will take time to read to them, and they will enjoy the bonding session together.

So here is the birthday cake I ordered from Sensational Cakes, made of strawberry sponge cake and blueberry filling. I have to say it looks amazing!

When we arrived at the daycare to celebrate Buddy’s birthday, I found him with tears in his eyes. Turned out he was cranky from insufficient nap. One teacher told me it took him a long time before he slept, probably because he was too excited, and ended up only napping for 15 minutes. He cried when he was forced to wake up. So, unfortunately, the celebration didn’t get off on a happy start. But his mood got better after we sang the birthday song and he blew out the candle.

The mood turned into excitment when Buddy spotted the TMNT gifts. He immediately put on the shell and the mask, and that got rest of the kids all excited as well. And everybody shouted “Ninja turtles! Ninja turtles!” Thank God the celebration ended well.

So, you might wonder if the cake tastes as good as it looks. I couldn’t have it since I am sensitive to wheat, but my Husband did. He finds it average, like the cakes from Hans or Polar Cake shop. It can’t compare to the rainbow cake from Dean and Deluca we bought last year.

It looks like we have to get a cake from a really good baker and decorate it ourselves, like what we did last year. In fact, I also realized that I have to get a cake from a halal baker because the Malay kids couldn’t have any since it’s not certain the TMNT cake is halal. They also couldn’t have the strawberries and blueberries I brought along for the kids because I had prepared them at home. Oh well! At least I know now where I should get the cake for next year: And All Things Delicious (which I reviewed in the post “And they are truly delicious” dated 5 August, 2015). That should please everyone.


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