The Spanish Place that leaves much to be desired

A few weeks ago, my new boss bought lunch for my colleague and I at this Spanish Restaurant, My Little Spanish Place, at Boat Quay. It was my colleague who selected the venue after gotten to know about it from others in the office.

I had no expectations of the place since it was my first time there, and honestly I had not even heard of it before. (But I have to admit I have not been following the food scene since Buddy came along.) So I went along with an open mind, and of course, was keen to have some tapas.

My Little Spanish Place (MLSP) is located in the middle of the Boat Quay stretch of restaurant/bar joints. It was a relief to enter the cool and dim eatery from the scorching sun outside. We arrived shortly after noon, and the place was rather quiet, with only  one diner in there. So, despite not making any reservation, we had no problem getting a table.

I have not been to Spain, but the menu looks like the restaurant serves some authentic fare. There are the usual Gazpacho, a selection of tapas, jamon ham and sausages, and of course the ubiquitous paella. 

We decided to order some tapas to share among the three of us. My boss and colleague each also ordered a paella, but I was not very hungry and opted for the Gazpacho instead. 

The cold tomato soup wasn’t anything special. The flavor was rather one note and there was no oomph factor, it was like having a can of tomato purée. Seriously, I can make a better Gazpacho than this, and in fact, my husband and I used to make the soup when we cooked at home BB (before Buddy). 

As for tapas, here are what we ordered:

Ham stuffed creamy croquettes

Prawns cooked in olive oil, chili, garlic and secret sauce

Potatoes with spicy sauvce and manchego cheese

Flat coca bread with chorizo, pepper, onion and aragula

White clams cooked in chorizo broth

The tapas were a mix bag. There were some tasty ones like the croquettes and potatoes, but the rest were plain average. In fact the prawns and clams were tasteless, and the sauces were flat. I don’t know what kind of secret sauce the restaurant claimed, but I suggest they should really go back to the drawing board. 

As for the paella, which my colleagues allowed me to have a taste test, I had it much better at  Providore, even a cold one. The paella at MLSP is just bland! I don’t know if the Chef forgot to add broth to the rice but seriously, it was rather crappy.

Honestly, I wouldn’t return to MLSP, nor would I recommend it to anyone. I don’t know if other outlets would be better, but I rather check out other Spanish restaurants. I don’t have to dine in Spain to tell that the quality is not up to scratch.

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