What’s new on the cheongsam launches

Joli Pretty has been rather prolific with its launches. It has a new collection out two days ago and it is number 21!

There are nine designs this time, comprising of 8 dresses and a top, with the prices of the former going from S$139 to S$159 and the top selling for S$89.

As usual, the collection gears towards formal/office wear, nothing outrageous or sultry. Here are some pictures of the designs with the top being the first.



Lark and Peony is launching two new colors for the Southerner cheongsam design tonight at 10.00PM local time: one in off-white and the other in magenta. This is a blend of the cheongsam and the Vietnamese ao dai. It is basically a long lace top with batik skirt. L&P offers two ways to wear the combination: either with the top over the skirt or tuck in. The attire goes for S$318.



Cloth.ier has just started launching long cheongsams as part of its offerings. They are all in the classic style with floral prints and an occasional lace fabric. 

The dresses featured below are in the basic design with back zip, made from 100% silk satin.

There are also more elaborate designs available, such as this magenta silk cheongsam with enbroidered print. And below it, is a bareback lace cheongsam 


Cloth.ier is alsolaunching a “zipless” cheongsam with embroidered buttons, which is custom made to order to ensure a perfect fit.

Other than cheongsams, there is a wide range of  Chinese jackets available, in both hip length as well as thigh length. Take the one below in wool, according to Ping, it is good for autumn wear. 

For a thinner thigh length jacket, there are a couple of options below. All these coats have a fitted look, which lends a touch of elegance to the wearer.

For those who prefer shorter jackets, the design is more of a loose fit with either coin buttons or fabric knotted buttons.

So there you have it, the usual safe designs, which also means nothing outstanding. 


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