The TMNT craze continues (updated)

Buddy is still mad about the mutant turtles. When I spotted the TMNT T shirts at BHG department store recently, I bought some for him. Strangely, those are the only clothing merchandise available. I wanted to get him pyjamas, and there is none here; so a US relation ordered a set from Amazon for me. My nice boss also bought him another set when he travelled to NYC last month. My husband couldn’t help saying, “Buddy, you can open a TMNT store now.”  

Buddy now insists on wearing  his turtle T shirt to daycare because he refuses to wear the uniform top. I admit I had to use the turtle attire to get him to go to preschool a few weeks ago, when he became upset upon seeing his uniform after he woke up. He cried, “I don’t want to go to school!” 

I was at my wits’ end then, trying both carrot and stick to get him to leave the house. It might be due to the departure of his BFF after the Chinese New Year. Anyway the T shirt works for a couple of days before the protest against school resumed. 

Strangely, Buddy was fine once he entered the center. Still, it was stressful to get over the hump of leaving the house. Thank God for the recent arrival of a new boy, who turns out to be a TMNT fan, and that makes things easier for Buddy as he now has a turtle partner. 

Buddy doesn’t have any toys other than the combat gear that I bought online from Toys R Us. This is the Leonardo kit that comes with a sword, an eye mask and two flying disks. The sword attracts a lot of attention from small and big kids (aka men who are nostalgic for their childhood). 

The eye mask is not that great though. It has to be tied at the back and becomes loose easily and so irritates Buddy’s eyes. So he has stopped wearing it. Instead, I have found another one on Etsy made of felt and comes with an elastic band. I hope it is truly better.  

I had wondered if I should get the turtle figures for Buddy’s birthday present, since he has been eyeing them at the toy stores, or the other combat gears. As I dawdle, it turns out he is rather creative at make-believe. The sword doubles up as a staff when he decides to become Donatello instead of Leonardo. And he turns the long Minion socks as weapons, like the two Sais that Raphael uses. He will twist them round and round, so much so that I told my husband that they resemble nunchaks.

I had mentioned  in my previous post on the TMNT topic, dated 8 March, that Buddy uses the dinosaur models as his weapons, which also double up as the turtle figures. In fact, whenever he spots any turtles/tortoises, he will cry out, “Ninja!” So when we were at The Better Toy Store the other day, he saw a stuffed turtle, and I decided to get it for him. I figured it can be whichever TMNT figure he wants it to be, instead of me having to buy all four of them since he will change his ninja turtle preference.   

I was told that the second TMNT movie is screening in July, likely part of the summer action blockbusters. Buddy said he wanted to watch it. Well, let’s see since he may lose interest in the turtles by then.  

But Buddy does have a tendency of going through the different toys in phases. Like the Thomas Trains, which was his first major toy interest, and after he discovered the dinosaurs, he dropped the trains and went for the reptiles. But some months later, he returned to the trains and mostly abandoned the dinos. During those phases, I admit I had went to some length to procure various trains and dinos for him.  Now that he is into TMNT, the trains are again forgotten, and I am considering carefully before getting any toys which I regard as part of the movie marketing machine.

In fact, before the turtles, he had a big infatuation with Godzilla, and had asked for the figure. But there is hardly any merchandise available in Singapore since the movie fad is over. I refrained from getting it from Amazon because it doesn’t look as well made as the dino figures I got for him, and worse, it is also more expensive. It turns out to be a wise move now that he has lost interest in Godzilla. Even when the infatuation returns later, he can always use one of the dinos to double up as the fantasy Monster. After all, the image of Godzilla is likely to have derived from a dino. 


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