The new cheongsam launches (updated)

(I made a mistake with the launch date of Our Bitsy Prints’ 29th collection. It should be tonight, 6th April. Apologies!)

After a hiatus on cheongsam posts, I finally published one featuring new launches.

First on the list is Joli Pretty, whose latest designs are made available since last Thursday (31 March). This series of dresses are feminine in style, and I especially like those in laces.  

A couple of the cheongsams can be customized, like this red lace dress below. There is an extra cost of S$10 and above, depending on complexity.

Notice that all cheongsams show off the female silhouette, and even for the blue shift lace dress below, the peekaboo fabric plus the shorter length adds a touch of sultry to the design. However, I don’t think much of some of the prints, like those on the pastel floral dress and the butterfly dress. They make the cheongsams look a little gaudy.


Another online store, Our Bitsy Prints, is launching its latest 29th collection tomorrow (7 April). It has an interesting theme, “In the Noir Garden”, which has a mysterious feel to it. In fact, an image of a femme fatale comes into mind. Unfortunately, the designs and prints turn out rather average and boring, not befitting the theme at all.

Lastly, here are some cheongsam designs from Shanghai Tang.

Top picture features a classic dress with red floral print, followed by those from the SS/2016 collection. The contemporary style of the latter gives the cheongsam an edgy look. Even for the classic qipao, notice how with the pairing of black tights and high ankle boots give the dress a whole new feel? This is how to make the cheongsam relevant to the modern lady, and yet doesn’t take away the elegance of the dress. It is not by pairing it with sandals, flip flops or sneakers like what some designers or retailers do.            




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