Grabbing a sight of the cherry blossom!

Last Sunday, we went to Gardens By The Bay for the floral exhibition display in the Flower Dome. It was a showcase of various species of the cherry blossoms or sakura, and peach tree. The sakura is known for its fleeting beauty, blooming for a short period of time when the weather starts to get warm. In case you are not aware, in Japan, watching out for the blossoms is a national event, and the practice of hanami, or pinicking under a blossomed cherry tree, is highly popular. Many companies, especially the large ones, will organize hanami as a staff outing.

According to Wikipedia, the first bloom in Japan occurs in Okinawa in January, and the blossoming wave will travel northward to Tokyo in end March, before proceeding to Hokkaido. Here in Singapore, we are lucky that the Gardens have brought in so many Sakura species for public viewing. Within these two weeks, from 11-27 March, we get to admire the flowers without having to travel to various regions of Japan.

The sakura is a temperate flora and cannot survive in our hot and humid weather, particular now when we are experiencing really warm temperature because of the El Niño and Equinox phenomena. The flower will wilt in one nanosecond! Even the residents are screaming, “it’s freaking hot!” Instead, the flowers bloom in the air-conditioned Flower Dome, which also brings a big relief for the crowd escaping from the outside heat. So, here are the pictures taken by my husband. 

Upon entering the Dome, there is a huge bonsai tree greeting the visitors, and behind it are a few white cherry blossom trees.

The view from the upper gallery. You can tell that there were a lot of people down there.

There were lines to get into the display, and my husband patiently waited for the photo shots.

The Sakura flowers were in full bloom when we were there, and I am not sure if they can last till this Sunday. To be honest,  we find that though the flowers are pretty at first glance, they look rather boring after a while. There is little to distinguish them, unlike the multi-hue daisy, the varied exoticism of the orchid or the elegant lily. I might get whacked by the Japanese for our views since it’s their national flower, but I am interested to know what are their distinguishing features.

And here are the pictures taken by me, which are basically the non-Sakura flowers. I couldn’t get any close up photos because the place was packed! I was in line to enter the display when I took the below picture. The visitors were only allowed to enter in batches.

I am not sure if it was because the sakura flowers were in full bloom last weekend or what, but it was like a mad house inside the Flower Dome. Many were jostling to take pictures of the flowers. I had to keep an eye on Buddy in case he got lost so that my husband could focus on the photo taking.

In fact, when we arrived at GBTB at 10.30AM that day, there were only 2 lots in the Visitor Center carpark, and so my husband decided to park at Meadow, the open air carpark. That turned out to be a mistake. Firstly it was a bit of walk to the Flower Dome, and secondly, the car was like an oven when we returned to it in the mid afternoon. This carpark is only good for the early evening when the temperature is cooler.

The other problem with going to GBTB in the morning is the limited dining options for breakfast. There are only a few restaurants opened, like cafe Crema and McDonald’s (which, unfortunately, took over from Verandah which served very good chicken curry) located at the Visitor Center, and the Hill Street Coffee shop and Peach Garden Noodle House at Supertree Grove. If you want to splurge, there is Pollen located within the Flower Dome. 

We went to Hill Street since we wanted some local breakfast; and besides both McD and Cafe Crema serve mainly wheat products. We skipped Peach Garden because the food sucks big time and it’s a tourist trap. At least Hill Street has some decent grubs, but the management must be ignorant of the Sakura display as well as the children’s festival held last week. There was a shortage of staff to handle the constant stream of customers, and the eatery ran out of bread and dessert at 11.00AM! It does smack of incompetence. 

Anyway, if you are interested to check out the floral display, try to go in the weekday. Considering that there is the long Good Friday weekend this week, the Dome is expected to be packed to the hilt. 




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