Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

In case you’re wondering, I’m not the one crazy over TMNT. It’s buddy. I figured he found out about them from the kids in daycare, because he watches little TV at home. (Most times, he watches what we do, which are mainly news or documentaries and only occasionally, drama series.) You can say he is deprived because he doesn’t get to watch cartoons, and only found out about them from his friends in daycare. I guess this explains why he doesn’t have interests in any superheroes or even the famous Mickey Mouse.

So, I was quite surprised when, some weeks ago, he started talking  about TMNT and told us he was Leonardo. I didn’t know who that was and had to Google to find out. (Ok, I was deprived as a kid too.) He started to use improvised objects as his swords, like the IKEA train track.

Other swords come in the shapes of paper towel rolls, paper plane, and even dino toys!




Of course, not all the “swords” are safe for him to play. My Husband stopped Buddy from using the train track and this Allosaurus figure as swords since he might poke his eye or someone’s eye with them.

So Buddy went for the “safer” dino models for his swords: Parasaurolophus and Dacentrusus.

For the bandana, Buddy had this blue elephant mask that he made in school, which we then cut it to become a Leonardo bandana for him. The blue inflated dino became the baddie, Shredder.

Buddy wrestling with Shredder.


Shredder died!


Not long after, the paper mask was the first to kaputt and the paper plane got scrounged  up. Then, last weekend, both the paper rolls went into the thrash bins after a fight-off with a friend.

We had tried looking for foam sword at toy stores but there was none available. I finally found one on Toys R Us online store, but Buddy said no when I showed him the picture. My Husband then had the idea of making a paper katana sword for Buddy, like the one used by Leonardo.

Unfortunately the katana cannot withstand much action. My Husband had to stop Buddy from whacking Shredder after the sword looked like it might break apart. Buddy lost interest in it right after that. He needs a proper weapon  in his fights against bad guys! So back to the dino figures.

Luckily, the online Toys R Us  store sells the Leonardo combat gear set.

I told Buddy if he was a good boy and go to school, I would get it for him. Instead he replied, “I have my own swords!” Well, let’s see if he would say that again when I show him the real thing. Though, a couple of days ago, he told us he is now Raphael. My Husband and I groaned.

Anyway, TMNT must be out of favor with many kids here because I can hardly find any of its merchandise. Luckily we have some relatives coming over from the US, and I requested my sis-in-law to get the socks for Buddy. Despite the last minute shopping spree, she didn’t have difficulty finding them. Now, I have to look for pyjamas.


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