Miscellaneous shots of cheongsam

I know it has been more than two weeks since my last post before Chinese New Year. There was an incident which caused much exhaustion and stress, and I had no time nor inclination to put up anything in my blog. In fact, for the first time, I didn’t celebrate CNY. Anyway I thought I would put up a short post on the cheongsam shots I had taken prior to CNY.

Also, I want to say that I had a closer look at the Allure cheongsam (featured in my post “Spring Cheongsams at Isetan Scotts”). I didn’t look closely at the outer seams then as I only focused on the inner seams. The workmanship (along the zip) is shoddy, and even the alteration seamstress also told me that the fabric quality is not up to par. I should have learned to be careful of discounts, but the word “Sale” got the better of me. Even at discounted price, I wouldn’t have accepted  it if I had inspected it closely.


Anyway, here are the cheongsam from various boutiques.


Love & Bravery


Pure Glamour





Xi boutique



Miz Apparels


Studio 55






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