A cheongsam feast at Laichan

I had to check out Laichan’s cheongsams for the CNY selections. After all, they are known for excellent workmanship, interesting designs and amazing quality. As always, there is a varied collection of designs with amazing fabrics.

Let me showcase the long gowns which there are quite a few this time, and they are seriously Oscar-worthy. Check out this gorgeous lace dress with a short train. Eddie told me that French lace is painstakingly sewn on the underlying pink fabric, and Agate buttons are used on the dress. In fact, in all the clothes showcased here with buttons, semi-precious stones are used.

Another stand-out lace dress with a revealing back and aquamarine buttons. The lace fabric is simply exquisite, this is one stunning cheongsam! 

Eddie told me the lace dresses are also available in shorter length but they have all been sold out. Why am I not surprised?

If you want something a little more discreet, here is a really elegant looking gown with just a splash of floral lace  on the left shoulder. Amethyst buttons are used. 

Now we come to the short dresses. This lace cheongsam may have less flourishing details but it is just as stunning as the ones shown above. 
Below, we have a modern fuchsia cheongsam with zip instead of button.

According to Eddie, Laichan is always thinking of ways to make his cheongsams different. This time he experimented with a different position for the darts on the bodice: horizontal. To be honest, I am not sure I like this look but it is indeed contrary to the usual cheongsam you see elsewhere.


Another interesting modern piece, and one which I give a thumbs up to is this purple cheongsam. Note the folded collars and the different dart positions. Eddie also told me that, contrary to appearance, the fabric is not tweed, and instead it is a cotton blend for comfortable wear in our tropical climate. I must confess I am always amazed by the fabrics sourced by Laichan for his designs. 

The following cheongsams are in stretchy Japanese cotton, and are part of the new collection. I especially like the one in white with print of beaded chains.  
 Now we come to the cheongsam tops in a range of gorgeous fabrics. 

The below blouse is made of a soft brocade on the front and collar and of denim material for the back. The brocade has a beautiful shimmer to it, and looks luxurious. 

A different sort of cheongsam top with a retro feel to it. I understand from Eddie that the 1970’s style is back in fashion, as seen on Gucci’s runway show.


Here we  have a jacket in gold lamare. Perhaps a little too opulent looking? 

Finally, we have a sheer chiffon cheongsam top for a casual look.


For those clothes with buttons, there are altogether 18 of them, and this is an auspicious number for the Chinese (symbolizing prosperity). You might feel that it is a pain to do up 18 buttons, but think of it as putting on a good luck charm.

So there you have it, another fabulous cheongsam collection from Laichan!

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