The M&M cheongsams (updated)

Last week, I was given permission by the boutique, Mama & Misse, to take photos of the cheongsams at the International Plaza outlet where M&M is located on level 2. However it wasn’t really a carte blanch photo-taking session as I could only take shots of five pieces. This my first visit back to the store after it was closed for refurbishment for a few months last year. I must say the interior doesn’t seem to have change much. Anyway here are my picks from the store:

First is a multicultural cheongsam, resplendent in purple sari fabric with a touch of gold. The marriage of both Chinese and Indian features is well executed indeed. This is priced at S$298.

Another dress that I had my eyes on: an eyelet fabric cheongsam with scalloped collars. Despite its seeming simplicity, I find it rather pretty. Notice that the inseam is sewn nicely as well; this goes for S$328.

Another multicultural dress: a marriage of Chinese and Malay with the use of really beautiful batik prints. Notice the different patterns on the front and back which reflect the two complementary designs found on a piece of batik fabric. 


I also have a Batok cheongsam from M&M, but too bad it doesn’t have the different prints like this one. And check out the intricate floral buttons below. This dress is priced at S$298.

I thought more care can be given to the collar inseam.  

We have a formal cheongsam here for cocktail events or special occasions. The lace appliqué is rather exquisite, and the front slit makes this a head-turner. If you are interested, this dress is tagged at S$438.


Finally, we have a cheongsam top with a back zip. This comes with interesting multicolored piping and stone buttons (look like jadeite).


I find that the bottom inseam is nicely sewn together, but, again, the one around the collar is a little shoddy. Anyway this is retailed at S$188.

Most of the cheongsams in the boutique are in the classic figure hugging design. There are also long dresses available for formal events. So, if you are looking for something different like cheongsam with pleated bottom or A-line cut etc, you won’t have much to choose from. 

(Update on 2 Feb)

I finally found out why the boutique appears to have hardly changed since I was there last year. There was initial plans to refurbish the place but it was scrapped.




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