Spring cheongsams at Isetan Scotts

The other day, I found out that Sissae has a pop-up store at Isetan Scotts for this CNY, which stocks  current collections as well as some exclusive designs. Since I have not seen  any of the clothes for myself, other than online, I decided that I should go check them out.

I have mentioned in my previous posts that there are also pop-up stores from Peter Kor and Cloth.ier available at this department store, located on the second level.

The three pop-up stores are placed close to the escalators, with Cloth.ier selections having a prominent signage, and both Sissae and Peter Kor’s selections next to each other.

A Sissae dress on the left, and a Peter Kor dress on the right.

I noticed some new designs from Peter Kor that I didn’t see at his boutique, like the above batik floral dress is new to me.  It also comes in purple and pink. Many of the cheongsam selections are in the classic cut with floral prints.

Below are the Sissae’s collections, including the latest called “Blooming Spring”, with lots of red and pastel colors. I tried the pastel blue dress as shown on the right.


When I look at a cheongsam, one quality feature that I check is the inseam, because I think that it’s a reflection of the workmanship and care put in by the designer. So when I went through the dress, I was quite disappointed. The price range of Sissae  designs veers to the high-end, and they are in fact slightly more expensive than Peter Kor’s. You would expect that much attention to be placed on the tailoring, and yet, like Blum & Co, the workmanship (of the inseam) looks like a rushed job. I get the impression that the seamstresses had to churn out dresses after dresses as fast as they could and there was little attention to the details or how they were done. At this price, I can get a really well tailored cheongsam from Peter Kor or Cloth.ier.

Even the cheongsam from Allure, below in tie-dye print, has nicely-done inseam. By the way, it’s on sale at S$99 (I think it’s from the previous collection). I like the scalloped collar, which is quite unusual, and like the Sissae cheongsam, the faux chest flap is to the left. (FYI, it has a hidden back-zip.)

Here are a couple of modern cheongsams from Allure, at S$199 each.

There are cheongsams from other brands available at the store. So if you are looking at getting one, Isetan Scotts is a good one-stop shop to check out the different brands and designs. If you have an Isetan card, you get 15% discount on Peter Kor’s collection. And if you don’t, you can apply for one on the spot at S$10 for a 2-year membership.


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