The high end cheongsams

As promised, here are the options for the high end cheongsams, which I define as anything at S$300 and above. I am only featuring a few boutiques here.

First on the list is Blum & Co. One thing I have to say about its designs is that the company has always managed to produce rather interesting styles, and many of their dresses have beautiful prints. But I find that the workmanship is often not up  to mark, and for the price the dress is sold at, it is rather annoying. Even during a sale when I can get a dress at half price, I will end up paying a significant amount for major alteration work. And even when I send for alteration, there is not much fabric allowance in the lining for expansion even when there is sufficient dress material. It’s unbelievable that the boutique didn’t consider this.

Anyway here are some of the cheongsams available now, which, strangely, are not as many as compared to last year. There is hardly any new design as well; it’s like there is a dearth of ideas among the designers this year.



A boutique you can consider for excellent workmanship is Hana, though the cheongsam style stays  mostly the same classic cut. If you are going for a modern look, this is not the place.


Finally, we have Shanghai Tang, which has released a few more modern cheongsams for the SS 2016 collection.


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