The many cheongsam looks at Studio 55

It has been a year since I last featured Peter Kor’s cheongsams, sold at his boutique, Studio 55, located at Purvis Street. I’ve been meaning to check them out again last year, but somehow never got to it. Finally I was able to do so last Monday, and I’m glad I did. The collection showcases how the cheongsam has moved forward through Peter’s creativity.

For this Chinese New Year, Peter is using stretchy silk fabric for his dresses, which can be hand washed. There are also cotton dresses, as well as a couple of them in really luxurious French cotton fabrics. The chinoiserie prints are also featured here, and I must say the one seen below has a very interesting 3D effect.

Here we have a classic cheongsam in a different sort of floral print:  European wild flowers.

A few months ago, I was thinking of the different ways to modernise the cheongsam, and the idea of a wrapped dress popped into mind.  Voila! Peter has that materialised in his designs below. (No, I didn’t give him the idea, in fact I didn’t follow up on it.)

Check out the tassel belt!

Another interesting modern design with a peek-a-boo chest opening and gathers in the front skirt.


A beautiful batik-print dress with peplum, which also comes with a chest slit.

Here’s a design that plays on the gathers on a flamenco dress, something Peter had done last year.


The stretch cotton cheongsam below may look simple, but the interesting geometrical print makes it different from the regular classic cut. This is what I like about Peter’s designs – the unusual prints. 

When I first spotted this elbow sleeved dress, I didn’t think much of it. But on further looks, it grows on me. I returned to the boutique yesterday hoping to try it, but it’s sold out!

We now come to dresses made using French cotton/polyamide fabrics. The material is rather heavy and it exudes luxurious quality. A simple style is suffice to show off its beauty.

I especially love this deep purple/maroon dress. It is really beautiful!

The prices of the stretch silk and cotton dresses are at S$299,while the dresses in French fabrics are at S$499. During this period leading to CNY, Studio 55 has pop-up stores at both Isetan Scotts and Metro Paragon. So if you are interested in the designs, you can check out the selections at Orchard road as well. 

Do note that Peter’s dresses tend to run on the small side. Even for my slim physique, I have difficulty fitting into a size 36 (small), as it is rather tight at the waist. I have to go for size 38, and even then the waist has to loosen a little. The boutique does offer alteration service to customers. 


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