Here come the mother and child cheongsam sets (updated)

I have started to notice many retailers jumping into the cheongsam set bandwagon, especially so for the coming Chinese New Year. It looks like putting on similar prints or designs as their kids is very popular with the mommies. I think it was the Malays who started it, with the matching baju kurong, during Hari Raya festivals.

Anyway Miz Apparels boutique was likely the first to provide matching cheongsams, and it also has some of the prettiest dresses for little girls out there. In fact, I have mostly bought the little cheongsams from MA for my various nieces.

For this year, MA is offering more selections of cheongsam blouse instead of dress. I was told that the top comes with matching pants/skirts, and the boutique decided on this combination because it is more convenient for moms with young children.  The little girl dress is as pretty as ever, however I think the matching prints are too kiddy for mom.


MA informed me that the mama top is S$99 and the little dress is priced at S$69.

Chubby Chubby  is one of the online retailers that is offering cheongsam sets for mama, son and daughter. It is actually a purveyor of baby and children clothes, but for the upcoming CNY, it has ventured into lady dresses for the mamas. Perhaps because this is the first attempt, the designs are comparatively simpler. Though I do like simplicity, I find the mama dresses uninspiring and not impressed with the prints (which resemble the cushion or curtain prints). However, at S$118 for a mama dress, which is cheaper than many others available (other than the low-end retailers), I guess you can consider it as a starter cheongsam if you can accept the prints. Separately, CC charges S$55 for a little girl dress and S$46 for a boy’s shirt,





The Happy Cheongsam is launching part one of its CNY collection next Monday evening local time. There are two sets of mother-daughter dresses of the same design but different colors: one in pastel blue and the other in pastel pink.

I like THC sets very much and find them rather elegant and classy, and certainly very appropriate for moms. The set is priced at S$229 each, and you can get the mama dress separately if you want. However THC hasn’t given me the price for it yet. Judging from the price range of its dresses, I would say it is upward of  S$150. (Update: I just received info from THC that the mama dress is S$179.)

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