A magical experience for the kiddos (at National Gallery Singapore)

Happy New Year, everyone!

I want to interrupt my cheongsam posts to introduce the Keppel Centre for Art Education located at the National Gallery Singapore. We were there twice this week, the first time was without Buddy. On the first visit, we took the audio guided tour to learn about the history of the two buildings (namely the former Supreme Court and City Hall) which form the newly opened NGS.



The two buildings are now connected, the left side is the City Hall wing and the right is the Supreme Court wing (photo credit of my husband).

I highly recommend the guided tour which provides a lot of interesting information on both buildings. Like I didn’t realise both are actually less than 100 years old. (I had thought they were between 100-150 years old.) I also found out during the tour that there is a time capsule buried under the foundation stone of the former Supreme Court, which is to be taken out in the year 3000!

The second dome of the former Supreme Court which many are not aware of, and entrance to UOB Southeast Asia gallery (photo credit of my husband).

But the main subject of this post is the Keppel Centre for Art Education catered for families and children. We checked it out on the first day and decided that we had to take Buddy there. There are 5 sections where children and adults can indulge in art activities, and I dare say it is the biggest art space set up for children in Singapore. It is a place for a magical experience and imagination.

Outside the center are paintings done by children (of course), and they are pretty good.

Instead of mentioning all the art spaces available, I will highlight those activities that Buddy enjoyed. The first is Project Gallery: explore future homes and cities.

Hanging from the ceiling are two very interesting installations.

Children are encouraged to make flying boats and buses which they can take home. For a donation of S$4, you get a pack of either boat or bus, which comes in two sizes: big and small. Buddy chose the bus. He still couldn’t put everything together, and we had to help him. He took the big bus and my husband took the small one, and together they took them on a flight.

The next location is Art Playscape: discover a magical forest, where Buddy had a lot of fun roaming around. You can see that the place is influenced by Dr Seuss’ stories and Alice in Wonderland.

Buddy called this the “Eye Tree”.


Look, a picnic table under the tree!



A magic  tree with hanging stockings, and a treasure chest at the bottom of it. Look there’s even a tunnel



An underwater cave, which Buddy is afraid to enter because there is a monster in there.


There are little playgrounds within the Artscape, like this cave at the bottom of a huge tree.

Kids have lots of fun peering into the periscope.

The children climb up a steep slope along the side of the tree to discover what is up there, and find…

… a little room that belongs to the little people, or perhaps to some magical animals?

(Photo credit of my husband.)


(Photo credit of my husband.)

After you walk down the steps along the tree, you spot a suited hare on a bike!

Outside the KCAE, there are also two art spaces for kids to enjoy. One is a play with mult-colored  discs.

The other is where kids get to create their own animals to roam about in the magical woods.

You choose the animals on the terminal to customize. Buddy chose a mousedeer.
When the animal is done, you can send it up to the woods shown on the screen. You also have the option to email the drawing to yourself to create the animal in 3D.

I strongly recommend parents take their kids here for an enjoyable and magical experience. I can assure you they will develop a love for the museum.


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