More cheongsam ideas

It’s still the Christmas season, and I like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a joyful new year!

Now, back to the topic of the day. I mentioned in my previous post that Our Bitsy Printswent quiet after the previous launch in mid October, and finally they had a new launch 2 months later on last Monday (21 December). The theme for this 27th collection is “In Pure Pastels”. There are a number of new designs such as:

  1. A pleated skirt cheongsam with two side pockets.


2. A wrap-skirt cheongsam dress with peplum.


3. Cheongsam with flowy skirt and a side pocket (on the non-flowy side).


4. cheongsam dress with raised seams and side pockets.


I must say I do like the peplum dress as well as the above yellow raised seam cheongsam. Yes, I do prefer dresses which are more fitted and structured, and I also think they look rather elegant. I also like the old wrap-dress design (without peplum) pictured below. I like the combination of the lace top with the batik print bottom (a design OBP first thought of I believed). Though I hope OBP has solved the problem of the short side zip. I had a wrap-skirt dress from them and the sip stops just above the hip, which makes putting on and removing difficult. (It has to be done gingerly in order not to tear at the seams.) I am not keen on the other designs, particularly those with non-fitting and structured cut. I think the wearer has to be properly styled, otherwise she will end up looking sloppy.


Shanghai Tang has just launched its first batch of designs for the Spring/Summer ’16 collection. (FYI, the previous season of ready-to-wears is now on sale if you’re interested in ST clothes. I personally think there is nothing wrong with wearing last season clothes if they are classics. It’s ridiculous to have to wear the latest designs particularly when it comes to the cheongsam, which,essentially, can withstand the age of time.)

I’m not sure why, but ST cheongsams seem to be showcasing lower collars now. Like these shown below for instance. The top picture is a knitted wool dress with leather trimmings, while the bottom is a rather stylish knitted cotton dress.


I have been checking out the window displays at ST stores, and I find it strange that I have not seen cheongsams on the mannequins for quite some time. I thought their modern qipaos are what distinguish ST from the other high end boutiques. With these regular outfits, you could have switched the label to something else and I wouldn’t be the wiser.

Since Chinese New Year is not far behind Christmas, stores are starting to display cheongsams. The below two dresses are found at this boutique “White Divine”located at OUE Bridge at Collyer Quay. Though the designs don’t appeal to me; they have an “auntie” looks to them.

Another boutique at 3rd level Arcade (Raffles Place) has a classy cheongsam with a beautiful floral appliqué. The fabric looks like raw silk, but I didn’t take a close look at it.


With the year end in sight, there will be more cheongsam posts to herald the coming of CNY, so stay tune.



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