Cheongsams abound!

It’s cheongsam time! A few online boutiques have already started launching their collections for the year end celebrations and even Chinese New Year a few weeks ago. After all, one set of designs will not be enough, there will be a series of launches leading to CNY. I guess for those eager to get their hands on the dresses now, you can consider getting one for the New Year party and another for CNY later. But do I think the designs are dress-worthy? Unfortunately not. For me, I am looking for the “wow” factor. A dress that will make people take a second admiring look. But most of the designs don’t fit the bill. In fact they look like more of the same (previous collections). Only Sissae dresses have some rather interesting looks Anyway, let’s check them out. After all, the readers may be more forgiving.

Joli Pretty launched its first mother-daughter cheongsam sets three days ago, and there are altogether six of them. Here are a couple of the dresses:

          Daughter dress


In its previous collection, JP had launched a number of cheongsams for CNY, many of which are in the festive bright colors. But the designs are basically the same as before or similar to those launched earlier by The Happy Cheongsam or Our Bitsy Prints.



This dress has a tulip design.


Lark and Peony is another boutique which has been rather prolific with its launches. Most are of the classic cut, though there are a couple of new designs like the beautiful combination of a lace top with batik skirt (bottom-most picture) and a set of matching top and shorts.




The Happy Cheongsam has  a small launch recently, featuring dresses for the year end celebration, called “Pop Fizz Clink”. The first and second dresses below are new designs and come in other colors as well. I find the below dress with maroon top and floral bottom does look rather elegant.


Finally, there is Sissae which has some really modem designs. Like the dress featured in the bottom first picture, with an interesting collar.

The below titillatingsee-through lace cheongsam is strictly for evening wear. You may wonder why I state the obvious. This is because there are some women who have no qualm about wearing even club wear to the office. Maybe I’m getting old and conservative, but I thought it is a little too revealing for my liking.


And now we have a cheongsam jumpsuit! A first if I may say since I don’t recall seeing anything like this. It’s definitely different, but not something I would wear. I mean it’ll be a pain to go to the toilet. Besides, one has to be tall and thin to pull this off. Otherwise it’ll end up looking like pyjamas.


For those looking for a wedding cheongsam, here is one for consideration.


Finally, we have Hana, the maker of ornate and elaborate cheongsams. Not my cup of tea.

I have seen a proliferations of mother and children cheongsam sets, and I will feature more of them in my upcoming posts. Separately, I’ve been wondering what happened to Our Bitsy Prints as the launch has gone quiet since October. It turns out that OBP will be coming up with a new collection in a couple of days’ time, which I will feature later.


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