And they are truly delicious

On the title, I am referring to the bakery, And All Things Delicious, which I discovered a month ago after my husband sent me an article on a list of  bakeries that cater to our Muslim friends. It’s halal-certified, which means no pork and no alcohol, but the products are yummy.


Located at 462 Crawford Lane, #01-61, it is on the ground floor of a HDB block, alongside a Chinese restaurant, hardware and kitchenware store, and next to a Bistro. The mix of retail and F&B stores is rather strange, and yet interesting. Anyway, if you decide to take the train there (which I have been doing), you should alight at Lavender station, walk past the immigration building, and continue along the road until you see a HDB block ahead of you, near a traffic junction. Follow the left turning of the road as you walk under the sheltered walkway, and you will reach this cozy little bakery cum cafe.

AATD offers a light and healthy lunch menu, which I haven’t tried any yet, as I have been more interested in the sweets. But I will definitely get lunch there during my next trip.

If you are looking for beautiful looking cakes or those with fondant icing, this is not the place for you. Instead you find good quality, no frill cakes made with passion. There are not a wide selections, but the taste rivals that of the more prominent bakeries. Like the carrot cake for instance. Personally I don’t like those with raisins in them, and thankfully AATD version has none of that, and is covered with lots of chopped walnut which I love. I find that it is almost as good as the one from Cedele. I said “almost” because I wish it has julienned carrot in it, like the one from Cedele, which adds crunch to the texture. Other than this, the cake is wonderfully moist with a lightly sweetened cream cheese frosting.


Here at the window display, there is the mushroom gruyere quiche on the left, and scones. On a regular day, only two types of scones are available: Gula melaka and orange cranberry. Most scones I tried tend to be a little dry and rather crumbly, but not these, which are moist. I like both: in the former, there is a light saltiness imbued into the sweet palm sugar, while for the latter, the cranberry adds a nice crunch to the texture.



I understand that the sticky toffee pudding is rather popular, but I must say I am not a fan of sticky toffee and so haven’t gotten myself to try it.


There are two types of brownies available: the cherry brownie and the salted caramel brownie. I tried the latter which I was told is less sweet. Though I am not a fan of salted caramel, I fell in love with it! Again the mix of salty and sweet makes for a yummy combination. In fact I like it more than the Gula Melaka cake which was unexpected since I love palm sugar. I gave Buddy a taste of the brownie and he demanded to finish all of it.


I will be making another trip to AATD to try other cakes available. Admitted the location is not very convenient for me, but the delicious food more than make up for it.

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