Cheongsam news for the month

The news on cheongsam have been a little slow lately. But here are some updates for the cheongsam lovers.

Mama & Misse

M&M has re-opened its store at International Plaza mid of this month. I haven’t been there to check out yet, but have seen some photos posted on its FB page. I must say the dresses do look rather pretty though they are more suited for formal wear.
I like how the above geometric-print gives the cheongsam an interesting modern look while retaining it’s traditional design, and it’s my favorite of the four. The prices of the dresses range between S $288 to S $468.

Joli Pretty

JP launched its latest 13th collection last Thursday in the evening, a change from their usual 3.00pm launch. Though there are some “new designs” (at least from JP) out of the 10 dresses, the offerings are not exactly enticing. In fact they are more or less slight variations of the usual simple look, and nothing stands out in the prints or style.



The below wrap dress reminds me of a similar design from Our Bitsy Prints, except that unlike the latter dress, this has a back zip and no pockets.

The only dress that caught my eyes is the one below with scalloped hemline.


Sissae celebrates its 4th anniversary by giving 10% discount for its latest collections on its online store. If you have eyeing them, you can take advantage of this offer.

Lark & Peony

L&P will soon launch a two-piece cheongsam attire to cater to customers requesting for something that they can easily move around in, like riding on a bike. So L&P created this prototype of a cheongsam top with matching shorts. The design will be launched in batik and African prints.
To be honest, I’ve reservations about the matching set. Maybe it’s the print, but it looks a little “aunty” to me. I rather get a simple cheongsam top and match it with jeans, tights or separate shorts.


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