Being dino-mad

I have mentioned in a couple of previous posts that Buddy loves dinosaurs. In fact you can say he’s dino-mad. Half of his closet are shirts with dinosaur prints, and so are half of his pyjamas. He also has dino socks which I managed to find at Mothercare, though out of the five pairs in the pack, only three have dino prints.

For a very long time, he wouldn’t want to wear anything that doesn’t have dino on it. I had to resort to hiding his dino shirts to make him wear something different. Thank goodness he is now more open to wearing non-dino PJs. But for going-out shirts, dinos still rule.

A few days ago, I made a dino hat for him. I bought a bucket hat from Cotton On Kids for only S$2 and ordered dino appliqués from Etsy, which I then ironed on the hat and reinforced with some stitching. Lucky I did that because Buddy tried pealing the appliqués off.

Then there are lots and lots of dino stickers that I bought for him, which ended up with them stuck everywhere in the house and the car. Problem is Buddy doesn’t like to stick them on papers to make a picture. Instead he likes to use them for make-believe play and then stick them anywhere convenient when he is done playing.


Sticker on the couch


Stickers on computer table


Stickers on bathroom counter wall


Stickers on his desk

Naturally there are stickers on the clothes, which I usually only realized after laundry, and even on the floor.

Buddy also loves to play make-believe with his dino figures, like organizing a party for them. He will make a dino strawberry cake for the birthday dino, and invites us to the party, “mama/papa, do you want to come to my party?”


The birthday dino


The dino friends

My father-in-law bought Buddy a big battery-operated Triceratop toy that moves and makes loud sound for his 3rd birthday, but it scares him and so we removed the batteries. Even then Buddy rarely plays with it; it seems Triceratop is not his favored dino.

Buddy didn’t have any fluff toys when he was younger because of his eczema problem. But a few months ago, we got him a fluff T-Rex (as expected his name is “Rex”), and thank God it doesn’t caused any skin irritation so far (though I do wash it regularly). Still, Rex isn’t Buddy’s must-have bedtime companion. Instead it’s his beloved doggie cushion which he has since he was much younger (it’s his lovey).

Of course dino books are a given whenever we go to the library. That’s the first thing he will search for. We always have to borrow a couple of dino books during each trip, not just stories but also information on the dinos.

I’m not sure how long this love affair with dino will last, but I must say my knowledge of dinosaur has grown thanks to Buddy. Previously I only knew of T-Rex, but now I can recognize a lot more of them. Anyway Buddy tends to be rather specific and focused in his interests, and so maybe this particular interest will turn into a deeper passion.

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