True Freedom and True Love?

During the past couple of months, I have been receiving messages from some Christian friends urging us to stand up against the liberal views of the LGBT community. (If you’re wondering what LGBT stands for, it is “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender”.) Apparently, some Christians are convinced that the LGBT community has dominated the media, and is now trying to impose its lifestyle on the rest of us, and would eventually lead to legalization of same-sex marriage. What horror! Think of the damaging influence this will have on our kids!

The latest outcry from the Christians came from this article True Freedom and True Love: a love note to the supporters of Pink Dot, supposedly written by a young lawyer. (FYI, Pink Dot is an annual rally in Singapore that supports the LGBT community and promotes inclusiveness and a freedom to love.)

Anyway, the letter,  written in an obfuscating style typical of the legal profession, is less of a love note and more of a biased and presumptuous I-Am-Right & You-Are-Wrong message. It states that only a marriage between a man and a woman is considered true love and only such union can have true freedom. Hmmm… now I wonder who are imposing their views on others. My question to these Christians is what made you so damn sure that your views are right and that God is on your side? I cannot remember that in the bible Jesus called on us to condemn the LGBT community. There are several mentions in the book that he socialized with the marginalized and the down-trodden, and was very compassionate towards them. In fact, I myself is convinced that if he was to appear before us today, he would have LGBT friends and accept them as they are. And I am also sure that Jesus would get heavily criticized by the righteous Christians for that, just like he was criticized by the Sadducees and Pharisees in the bible.

I’m not sure what’s with this obsession with the LGBT community, but I feel there are serious human-right issues  that we have to grapple with than to worry about same-sex marriage. I don’t see any outcry over mistreatment of foreign workers nor anyone from the Christian community standing up for their welfare. For instance, how come there is no open letter calling for better protection for foreign workers against employers’ abuses? We have a modern-day indentured slavery within our midst: low-wage foreign workers took up huge loans to come here for jobs, so that their families can have a better life. Some of them are cheated of their salaries by their employers and others are abandoned when they are injured. If this lawyer author is so full of love for fellow humans, shouldn’t he be fighting for the rights of these workers? How about we start questioning the Ministry of Manpower why we allow agents to charge these workers an arm and a leg to work here? These workers build our roads and houses, but the mentality among the locals seems to be that they should be kept out of sight and we don’t want them near us.

And why is the Christian community not up in arms over the proliferation of Singapore Pool betting stores in the heartland? Isn’t that a subtle encouragement for gambling among the populace, which is far worse than the LGBT issues? Or perhaps, spending money on the lottery is alright; let the hoi polloi have some fun throwing money away, but same-sex marriage is dangerous. (Of course the fact Singapore Pool has government endorsement is not lost on anyone.)

Anyone who calls himself a Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ. But really, do we understand the teachings of Jesus? He was the social conscience of his time, a person who went against the norms. He came into the world with nothing, and left with nothing, and he urged his disciples to accept only the basic essentials of what others gave them and nothing more (rejection of materialism). He enjoyed the company of prostitutes, money-lenders, tax-collectors, the outcasts and the poor. He called on followers that when they were slapped on one cheek, to offer the other cheek, one of his many unconventional philosophies, even by today’s standards. So I think it’s apt we should ask ourselves, do we truly follow Jesus’ teachings?

3 thoughts on “True Freedom and True Love?

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  2. Bravo. Such obvious truths and teachings from the bible but so conveniently ignored and censored by those who are obsessed in pursuing their own goals

    This fact, more than anything else, upsets me. Ignorance, intolerance and intent to create divisions and bigotry.

    • I don’t even think the current bible is a full representation of Jesus’ philosophies. Yet the words are further twisted to suit the self-serving agendas. Seriously, if Jesus appears on earth now, he has a very strong defamation case against these so-called “Christians”.

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