Buddy’s third birthday

I started preparing for Buddy’s birthday one and a half month ago. For him, it’s  not so much about the venue sourcing or invitees, since we don’t hold any birthday party for him. The main reason  being Buddy doesn’t go on play dates. His friends are all in day care since he has been attending one when he was an infant. So we have a mini celebration in school which save me the trouble of getting a party venue and the cost as well. Because of this, I splurge on his toys and the goodie bags for his friends.

I had wanted to get a sculpted Thomas Train chiffon cake for Buddy from Loving Creation for You, unfortunately the date I wanted for delivery was already reserved by another person. Anyway when we asked Buddy what he wanted, he said, “dinosaur cake!” (The boy is very big on dinosaur now.) So my husband suggested we get a rainbow cake from Jones the Grocer and decorate it (like what we did last year).

However as things would have it, Jones filed for bankruptcy in Australia! (I thought it closed it’s outlets in Singapore and turns out they are still open.) I did a little research on where I can get really good rainbow cake and an unexpected source was mentioned: Dean and Deluca. To be honest, we used to be regulars at the first store at Orchard Central. However as time passed, the quality went south, and so we stopped going. Still, I decided to check out the cake at the Far East Square store, and bought a slice for taste – test. The cake, which has a fruity sweetness to it, was a hit with Buddy and my husband, though I prefer the Jones’ version. My husband suggested having it with strawberries as they go well together. So we will add some on the cream icing, and decorate the cake with mini Bullyland dino figures we got from Natures Collection. These small ones are affordable at S$5.90 each and can fit on the cake.

I also got a Take N play Rosie train from Amazon to go with the dinos. It’s like poor Rosie has ended up in Jurassic Park. (The toys double up as Buddy’s birthday gifts,)

Since we are not throwing a party for Buddy, I decided to splurge a little more on the goodie bags for the kids. I decided on a Peppa Pig theme for the girls and Thomas Train theme for the boys. I bought the recyclable goodie bags from Qoo10 instead of from Melody Gift which the activity books cannot fit in.
Of course they have their matching activity books. I also added in a hanging PP plush toy, two sticker sheets, a small hand fan, and bookmarks for the girls.

For the boys, I included a dinosaur squirter (from the Better Toy Store), a sheet of vehicle sticker (pretty good quality ones from Etsy), bookmarks and a small TT jigsaw puzzle.

Now, since Buddy is the birthday boy, his goodie bag is different from the others. Other than decor toys mentioned earlier, I also bought him a Talking James from the Trackmaster series, which he has been asking for a long tine. He does have his activity book, and in fact I bought him two, one on dinosaur and the other on TT (of course).

So here’s the birthday cake with strawberries added. Earlier I had given Buddy a glimpse of the dino figures, and I asked him what he wanted on the cake. He named the Brachiosaurus, Pteradactyl and the Stegosaurus. It’s just as well, ’cause though I bought quite a large cake, but with the fruits included, there is only enough room for the there figures and Rosie.

And to complete the themes, I bought PP lunch plates and napkins, as well as dino dessert plates. Here’s Alex looking delighted with the rainbow cake on his dino plate.

The cake, as expected, was a hit with the kids, with some having cream on their noses as they gobbled it down. When we arrived at the daycare, the teachers told us that Buddy had been telling everybody about the dino cake. They thought it was in the shape of a dino! Anyway, most importantly, Buddy loves it with the DIY decor.

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