The random cheongsams

This post, I’m afraid, is a filler on the cheongsam void that the blog is facing since mid March. I was planning for a series of cheongsam posts on specific topics, but I have difficulty getting buy-in from the designers.  So for the time being, I’m providing images of dresses spotted over the past few months.





For those of you eying Blum cheongsams, the boutique is having a rare store-wide sale nowp. For walk-in customers, it’s 40% off and for members, they get additional 10% off. For selected designs, the dresses go for a flat S$169, and expectedly they aren’t as pretty as those not under this category.



Miz Apparels


A boutique located at Parkway Parade 2nd level.

Cotton Amour
Another boutique also at Parkway Parade 2nd level.


2 thoughts on “The random cheongsams

  1. Hello! I came upon your blog last December when I was looking for cheongsams for CNY. I really like your witty and honest reviews about the cheongsams found in our little island.
    In fact, I have been inspired by your blog to find comfy, work-suitable cheongsams to wear. =)

    I’ve bought a few since then. I visited Audrey at thegirlskaksh and found a wonderful local young designer for cheongsams. I have also bought cheongsams from online retailers like ourbitsyprints and jolipretty. Too bad, the hype on cheongsams seemed to have died down after CNY. I am still waiting for interesting prints and designs from these 2 online retailers.

    Recently, I found another online retailer ‘Charmed on 9th Avenue’ selling cheongsam-inspired dresses. I find that their prints are interesting and cute. The prices are reasonable and affordable too (alas, no pockets). You may wish to review their dresses when you have the time.

    Best wishes to you and your family!

    • Hi Xiaohan,

      Thank you for your comment and compliments. I always feel that I should be honest in my reviews regardless of whether I get any freebies from the retailers or not. I rather not receive anything than to promote the products if I don’t think I would wear them. And even then, I believe the designers should continually innovate, otherwise the designs get stale.
      Anyway, good to know you have been inspired to get cheongsam work dresses. Yes, those from OBP and JP are good for office wear. But I’m also waiting for something interestingly different.

      Thanks for suggesting the online retailer, charmed on 6th Avenue. I will contact it to ask for permission to lift the images for review. Though to be honest, I tend to have reservations on cheap cheongsams. You have to pay for quality workmanship and fit. For me, I’m quite certain I will have to send the dress for alteration, and likely the cost will be more than the dress. So I usually don’t get the cheap dresses.
      I haven’t bought any dress from The Girl’s Kaksh. I might, in the future. Her dresses are interesting, though I see some resemblance in designs to Tong Tong. But I rather get from the former since, personally, I think TT dresses are over priced.


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