Where is James?

Last Sunday, I took Buddy to Kiddy Palace to get another water bottle for him, among other things. But we got distracted by the themed cutleries; there were those with images of Thomas and Friends, Frozen, and Dora The Explorer etc. While I was checking out the bowls and spoons, Buddy, was attracked by something placed lower down the shelves. They were training chopsticks, and of course he couldn’t  resist the Thomas and Friends series, where the chopsticks have front images of the main train characters on them. He said, “I want these” and took one set of Percy, then “I want these” again, and he took one set of James.

So there he was, holding one pack of the chopsticks in each hand. I didn’t  think much of it. In fact I was prepared to get them for him, but only one set. I told him that he could only choose one. He was struggling to decide and finally he chose James.

When Buddy got home, he excitedly showed papa, who opened the package for him. I wanted to show Buddy how to use the chopsticks but he refused to let me take over. Unfortunately he saw them as his toy. My husband told me he wasn’t ready to learn using them yet, and they weren’t age appropriate for him; he might poke himself with them. Yes, in a moment of over indulgence, I agree I wasn’t thinking straight when I bought the set for Buddy. Worse, later that night, Buddy wanted to have the chopsticks with him in bed. But we insisted that he couldn’t have any toy in bed, and he looked woefully at us as we took it away. I kept it inside Buddy’s cutlery bin so that he wouldn’t be able to find it.

The next morning, Buddy asked, “where is James?”, and my husband turned to me and echoed the question. I was stumped for a couple of seconds and said, “James is missing. We have to look for him.”

That evening, when Buddy came back from daycare, he again asked for James. I blurted out, “he’s not around. Maybe he went for a vacation.” And the question was asked the following morning, “where is James? Where is chopstick?” My husband reassured him, “papa and mama will look for James. You can also help find him.”

My husband told me I had to find a replacement soon. So, for the past few days, I had been searching for a James die-cast train, but bloody hell, it’s been a difficult search! I’ve been to a few department stores and toy shops and couldn’t find a Take n Play James train. (There was a Trackmaster James but that seems a little too much of a replacement.)

The moral of the story: think carefully before getting anything for a kid. You might live to regret it.


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