Cheongsams and mandarin tops for the little ones

Now that Chinese New Year is slightly more than a month away, the mommies are getting the wardrobe ready for the festival, not just for themselves but also for the little ones. The enviable thing about kids is that it doesn’t matter what their sizes are, whether chubby or thin, they just look so cute in the mini cheongsams or mandarin tops! Too bad the adults don’t have the luxury of such flexibility. Many mothers are excited by the increasing selections of matching cheongsam available to them and their daughters at brick and mortar stores, such as Miz Apparels (MA), or online boutiques like The Happy Cheongsam or Our Bitsy Prints. I have previously featured a couple of matching sets from MA in earlier posts. Here are more offerings from them. (Thanks to Lynn from MA who sent me half the photos here.) Some of the dresses even come with matching brooches. image image image For the first time, MA is launching mandarin-collared shirts for boys. There are even a matching set for mother, daughter and son. Like the above panda print comes in a boy top as well. image Here is a full set with prints of a teddy bear on a train. (I still feel it is too kiddy for an adult.) image


At MA, the little cheongsam is S$69, mandarin top is S$55.90, and mama dress is S$159. However this below mama dress (featured in “The Cheongsam goes kiddy for spring” on 5 Jan) is selling for S$169, because, according to Lynn, the fabric is more expensive. image If you are looking for a little cheongsam as a gift, or not planning to get any matching set, you can check out the children boutiques instead. I have recently found out about three online kiddy cloth stores, which offer cheongsams for the little girls, and Mandarin-collared shirts for the boys. All of them have kindly allowed me to lift images from their sites. First to be introduced is Baby Pixie , set up by two friends, which sells baby and children clothes, bedding and little gifts like coin purse and tissue holders. According to the website, the products are mainly made in Singapore. Our Bitsy Prints are selling a matching daughter dress from the latest CNY collection – the red Lovey print. Shown here is the pleated cheongsam dress. (I featured the straight cheongsam version in my post “The Cheongsam goes kiddy for spring dated 5 Jan.) image As you can see, Baby Pixie offer two designs for each fabric: the straight cheongsam (S$45) and the pleated cheongsam dress (S$48). imageimage image image There is also the matching girl and boy wear for siblings. It’s cheongsam for the girl and mandarin-collared shirt for the boy (S$46 for the dress and S$35 for the shirt).

: imagewpid-BS023-crib_crab_large.jpg

There are standalone prints such as these below.

image image Next, I like to feature Chubby Chubby, which in addition to clothes, offers products like baby bibs, booties, and toys, etc. CC’s cheongsams prints are the most interesting of the three online stores; they are a little retro, a little whimpsical. The dresses go for S$54.90, while the shirts are S$45.90.

Flower CheongsamRetro_Red_pockets Oriental_BlossomOriental Orange Below is the sibling set, which is the only brother-sister matching clothes available. Retro Triangle Triangle shirt If you are not into matching prints, then you can choose from standalone options. image image

There are baby girl onesie cheongsams, and they look really sweet! They are priced like the dresses, at S$54.90. image image For this CNY, Nix Deng of CC has designed red packets (or “Ang Pows”) to give away for any purchase. I like the greeting on it, which is different from the usual ones: 快乐成长 (growing up happily). image

Elly’s Children Outfitters have pretty similar products to CC and slightly more. For one, there are more sibling selections. What I don’t understand about Elly is why the upcoming CNY collection is not featured in its website but on its blog. And even then, the prices are not listed and instead available on its Facebook page. Why can’t they make it easierfor customers? The dresses are more expensive at Elly, S$65 for those 9 months to 4 years old, and S$69 for 5 and 7 years old, whereas boy shirts are S$45. The onesies for baby girls are not in the cheongsam design, and are priced at S$45 as well. image Swallows Fans

Our Bitsy Prints had also collaborated with Elly in one of their earlier collections, using the print, Monet Melody. The little dress

is shown below, though the adult version is not available now.

Monet Melody

Elly also offer slings for little girls which match their dresses.


In an earlier post, I mentioned that MA offer the prettiest cheongsam dresses in the market, and I still do. But they are rather formal, and more suitable for special occasions. So for a casual everyday wear, the online boutiques would make better choices. Though I must have to admit that if I have to pay S$69 or thereabouts, I might as well get a MA dress. Some may think that MA’s little Cheongsam dresses are really for older girls aged 5 and above. Yes they are designed for that range, but MA offers free alteration for younger girls. I myself have bought a dress for a 2 years old niece. What the seamstress did was to fold up the skirt to form a bubble hemline, which can be adjusted down as the little girl gets older. So the dress grows with the girl. Anyway, regardless of these retailers featured, the clothes are way better than the cheap ching-chong style that you see some kids wear during Chinese New Year, like these below.



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