The OMG cheongsams! (Updated)

Last week I was at Chinatown, and decided to check out the cheongsams available in the area. The usual places to look for are OG  and Yue Hua department stores, both of which have been around for donkey years. To be honest, I don’t have high expectations of the dresses since I have an inkling of what they would be: typical straight-cut fit, and I am right. They have the usual matronly-looking floral or cushion prints.

Here are the CNY cheongsams from OG, which I guess will appeal only to the older and traditional women. They range from about S$180 to less than S$300.

image image</ imageimage

Over at Yue Hwa, there is a store-wide sale. This store specializes in china merchandise, and truth be told, the staid-looking products are not what the youngish crowd would go for. Like the women fashion, the clothes are blah, something I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. You can check out these cheongsams below, some of which are selling for sub-S $100, and will know what I mean.


I walked past Kiyo boutique at Tampines One mall today, and there was this cheongsam with gaudy sequins and embroideries that I couldn’t believe it. You really wouldn’t want to be seen in this unless you are thinking of taking to the seventh-month “getai”stage (a show set up for the Chinese lunar seventh month for the wandering spirits which are released from hell during this period). Or it may also befit a KTV hostess.


Another cheongsam also worthy of a “getai” entertainer is the pale pink cheongsam below, from Roem, located at Bedok Mall. The one in the middle is only slightly better. By the way, I was intrigued by the signage above the mannequins. Is that really the sizes available in the boutique? There is really a “XXXXXL” size available??? I can’t believe any woman wearing cheongsam of that size!


At Pure Glamour boutique at Tampines One mall, an odd-looking cheongsam is on display with print of cat heads. Not only this, the wide sleeves look a little disproportionate on the dress.


Now that Christmas is over, the roll-out of the cheongsams will be gathering speed, and we will see more designs, whether elegant, sophisticated, boring, or outlandish. It’s getting more interesting.

I checked out the Blum and Co website and found a cheongsam that looks familiar. It was then I recalled it was part of the Spring 2014 collection launched beginning of this year (which I had also featured in one of my CNY cheongsam posts at the same time).

Basically the Roem boutique at Bedok Mall is offering a cheap copy of the design, but it obviously doesn’t match up to the original.


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