CNY cheongsams at the stores

Lately, the brick and mortar stores like Blum and Gorgeous Gorgeous have launched their initial collection of CNY cheongsams. I am not sure why,  but the Japanese theme seems to be the trend for the coming festive season. The nippon  floral prints are everywhere!

So far, I must say many of the Blum dresses look rather gorgeous. Like this elegant cheongsam with Japanese floral prints and a pleated purple skirt. Typical of Blum, they have to add on an ugly belt which is really redundant, even the necklace too.


Floral prints are very popular for cheongsams and we see them in shades of orange and red.


The cheongsam below is not just about Nippon prints, but is inspired by the kimono. I thought it’s a rather interesting fusion of both designs. But I don’t know why the designer has to include the fabric buttons on the chest. It’s like he/she is trying to make known to everybody that this is a cheongsam. The mandarin collar is already an indication. The buttons just make the dress look busy.

Another view of the dress.

A stunning straight-cut fiting cheongsam. Notice the arm-hole design, which is different from the usual curve.

The same dress is paired with a chinoiserie cap-sleeved cardi.

A beautiful piece from Blum, which has no Nippon influence. Yes, this is the typical cheongsam design, but I like the seductive see-through fabric on the decolletage and the pretty orchid prints that don’t cover the entire dress.
Separately, Hana has not showcase anything that is a standout either. This is another of their matronly looking cheongsam.

I have started to see appearance of cheongsams in other boutiques, including Miz Apparels, from whom I have received photo-shots of new designs. I will be sharing them in my next post.


2 thoughts on “CNY cheongsams at the stores

  1. Call me a traditionalist, but I still like the last Hana one, no matter how matronly looking it is 😛 Well, maybe not so much the print, but more so the cut and form.

    • Hi Vincent,
      Yes, you are definitely a traditionalist. I used to be one, but have embraced the modern form after I realize how convenient it is to have side pockets in dresses.

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