What’s up with the cheongsam?

Things have been a little slow with new designs and launches lately. Only Joli Pretty had another new launch, which happened last Thursday. Our Bitsy Prints will be coming out with their next collection in late November, which is very likely next Thursday. Blum hasn’t launched their Chinese New Year designs yet, probably scheduled for next month.

Anyway Joli Pretty added some festive cheer to its latest collection – the Christmas prints are found in two of the dresses. To be honest, I don’t think that is such a good idea. Would you wear a Christmas theme dress for Chinese New Year or even middle of the year?

One of them is this green Christmas tree dress called “Be Home For Christmas”, which must be inspired by the song “I’ll be home for Christmas” by Michael Buble. (Not my favorite song, I prefer “It’s gonna be a cold cold Christmas” by Dana. ) I call it the Christmas tree dress because it looks a little like one.


Home for Christmas

A cutesy cheongsam is this Kawaii Kimono dress, one of two with Japanese-themed prints. It’s sold out, which is not surprising. But the design is the usual flare skirt, nothing exciting.
JP - Kawaii Kimono

There are a couple of pretty dresses, like this turquoise blue cheongsam with tulip skirt. The top print reminds me of the Gucci logo. I also like that there are side pockets sewn in. I’m now a fan of dresses with pockets, which is such a convenient.
JP - Tulip Love

JP has a flamenco design which I like a lot, but not the print combination which I don’t think they match. This dress doesn’t have any pockets, and I believe it is due to the design. I also prefer for it to have a slightly higher collar. (I should return to Studio 55 to see if the flamenco dress is still available.)

Vintage Darling

Vintage Darling

Anyway I bought a dress from their previous collection, which I didn’t spot when it was launched, called “Green Forest”. I will review the dress in my next post once I have it in my hands.

As usual, I have taken pictures of cheongsams on window display while moving around. This is a beautiful red lace top from Hana. I wouldn’t pair it with the long pencil skirt though, the whole get-up looks matronly. Instead it would go well with a fitting dark blue jeans (without holes please).
A boutique, located at Raffles X-change, called “Gorgeous, Gorgeous” offer vintage looking dresses with flouncy petticoats and some cheongsams. The latters tend to be the usual straight-cut fitting form, nothing spectacular.

I spotted these two dresses on the window display of Ong Shunmugam boutique. The green dress showcases a beautiful interpretation of a modern cheongsam. I find it looks really vibrant and sexy. When the design is good, it is really good.

I guess this light grey dress is for the elderly women?

For those looking forward to Our Bitsy Prints’ next collection, here is a sneek peek to a couple of rather pretty dresses.


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