The buffet at The Lime

Last month, we had a farewell lunch for a colleague, and she recommended Lime restaurant of the Park Royal at Pickering hotel. Apparently the lunch buffet is rather good. Still, I tend to be rather skeptical about buffet because quantity doesn’t equate to quality. But I didn’t want to be a spoilt sport and so went along.

The hotel is located at a busy junction, but it is relaxing inside the restaurant despite it facing the road. I think the beautiful water feature outside it has a rather calming effect.

The buffet offers a wide variety of food ranging from Italian, Japanese, western roast to even Perankan cuisine. (This is one of the reasons for my skepticism. Can a restaurant provides good food for so many different specialities?) One of the selling points of the buffet is that you can order freshly prepared meals like pasta.


Image taken from website.

I walked around the restaurant, checking out the different food stations.


Salad selections


DIY salad available


There are even Asian salads for you to choose from.


Cold cuts


From left to right: grilled vegetables, mash potato and roast


You can choose the pasta type and have it cooked on the spot.

A colleague, who had just returned from a vacation in Italy, remarked that the pasta was comparable to what she had in its home town.


A table of colorful tropical fruits


The ubiquitous chocolate fountain

Though I am a big fan of desserts, I didn’t find the green tea chocolate fountain appetizing. I think the restaurant is trying to try something funky since it’s called Lime, but this color just doesn’t appeal to me.


The highlights: desserts


More sweets for the tooth


The perankan desserts

This station has DIY rojak, kuehs and durian creme brulee.

After going around, in fact a few rounds, I decided against the western cuisine, which is my usual choice. Instead I chose to have the peranakan food. I picked the Ayam Buah Keluak (a signature dish of chicken cooked with black nuts), Chap Chye (stewed mixed vegetables) and a salted vegetable with duck soup.

I made a small rojak as well and took a shot glass of durian brulee to try.

And what’s my verdict? I was wrong, the food was good, though I didn’t get to try the different cuisines. The problem was that I had a big breakfast followed by fruits at 11AM. My colleague, D, exclaimed, “Maria, aren’t you spoiling your appetite before the buffet?” Yep, because I didn’t think much of it, I didn’t have the stomach room to try the different food, and that was my biggest regret.

The perankan food was surprisingly rather authentic and tasty. But the biggest treat was the Durian brulee. It was soooo… good!!! I was the first at the table to try it. It was pure durian heaven, 100% quality durian. My colleague next to me could smell it, and her mouth watered. She is a big durian fan, and couldn’t wait to have a taste. Next thing everyone knew, when she returned to the table, she had 3 shot glasses of durian with her. Yes, she finished every single one of them, and wanted to have one more for the road. It is that good! One of the best desserts I ever had.

I hope to return to the Lime, this time with empty stomach, to try the different food.

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