The cheongsam collections follow-up

The Happy Cheongsam provided loads of pictures of their latest collecton, to be launched this Friday at 8pm, on Facebook. I guess this is to drum up publicity and excitement among their followers. The theme “Hellooo Tokyooo!” says as much where the inspiration came from. I have to say the latest designs are better than the last collection, inspired by California.

The first is a A-line cheongsam called “Sunrise on Fuji”. Though I can’t really tell Mt Fuji from the geometric print, but I thought this is a lovely design.
However I am not sure why a fabric belt is included with the dress since it doesn’t add to the design. In fact I think it causes the bunching around the bums area (partly due to the design and partly because of, what I suspect, a stiff fabric), as seen in the picture below. If I would to get this dress, I would remove the detachable belt.

The below “Blue Sakura” dress is good for a casual Friday or weekends. It doesn’t have a belt, but trimming along the waist. This works because it is sewn on and helps to break up the monotonous white color.


As seen from the back.

The following is the pretty “Tokyo Doll”, with removable brooch and black sash. Suitable for the younger ladies, a little too cutesy for older women, especially those above 40.

Now, for the most elegant dress of the collection, “Cherry Blossoms”. It is similar to the tulip-skirt dresses of the previous launches (“Tiffany Breakfast” was the first), but THC has done an improvisation on the front panel where the collars can be folded down. For this design, the fabric belt actually complements and improves the look. I like this design the best.

This is another A-line cheongsam dress with a belt which I deem unnecessary as well. I had initially liked the design until I saw the back view.

There is a gather in front of the skirt but none at the back. I think if a gather is made at the back, the belt wouldn’t have caused the bunching. And to overcome the monotonous black, the top could have been the same for both front and back.


There is bunching along the bums area as well.

The only top in the collection: a cutesy combination of pink and neko-chan print (similar color combo that Our Bitsy Prints used in the latest collections which works well). I do wonder about the peplum style, which is seriously overused.

Well, despite my critique of some of the designs, this is a good collection nonetheless.. it is always nice to see a designer taking chances. Sure, bloggers like me might criticise, but at least I think I provide feedback to improved future collections. So, well done, Min!


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