Cheongsam update for the day

I am returning to a favorite topic, the cheongsam, which is also the main interest of most of the blog followers.

This time I am showing photo shots of the dress in both the traditional and the modern forms, as well as news of design launches of some of the online boutiques.

Black is a favorite color of many, and here we see it in various designs. First off, is this black cheongsam with peony print from Hana. This is typical Hana straight cut design with hidden back zip and no piping nor embroidered buttons. I presume this is to show off the beautiful water color painting of the flowers. But

Another piece from Hana in a black lace overlay over black silk lining. I didn’t get to check it closely but it appears to have front opening along the chest and side. This is the LBD of cheongsam, and would make a beautiful dress for a nice dinner or a cocktail event.

I was at Raffles City last week and decided to check out some of the boutiques. Naturally Shanghai Tang cannot be missed, and I found a couple of interesting modern designs.
When I felt the fabric of the above flare skirt cheongsam, I initially thought the fabric was wool, but it turns out to be blend of cotton and polyester, though the lining is mulberry silk. The material is rather heavy but not stiff, and so it allows the dress to drape nicely on the bodice. I like the casual chicness of this dress and the high collar adds a touch of elegance.

Shanghai Tang impresses me again with this dress-shirt cheongsam, a design which will appeal to the modern woman. The gap at the collar shouid also satisfy those who find high, wrap-around cheongsam collar stifling. I like how, by pairing it with a belt, it creates a waist which is accentuated in the traditional form. This is truly a creative modem interpretation.

Spotted these at the display: one a cheongsam pant suit and the other a wool dress. I have featured a similar dress in an earlier post “Cheongsam for the occasion” dated 22 July (which shows the dress in red with beige trimming). I don’t like the design of the pant suit, which looks similar to the one from Ong Shunmugam. Worse, the floral design makes it looks “auntie”.

On the second floor of Raffles City mall is Xi (喜). At the window display is a casual A-line dress with denim trimming and chinese water color print is displayed. (Unfortunately the glass reflection reduces the clarity of the picture.) A mix of the west and east with modern characteristics.


I checked out Allure, also on the second level, to see if the boutique offers cheongsams despite not being the new year period. It does but the design is rather blah: traditional straight cut form with piping, embroidered buttons and hidden back zip.

Now to the news. Our Bitsy Prints and Joli Pretty are launching their next collections tomorrow. OBP’S designs are available at 9PM while you can check out those from JP at 11AM.

This is a sneek peek of JP’s collection.
I like a couple of the prints like the dragonfly (bottom right) and what looks like panda (top middle). Not crazy over some, like the bottom middle blue print which reminds me of ameba (single call organism).

OBP had children’s day (1 October) in mind when they designed this latest collection.
Some of the prints are rather pretty, like the one of potong (cut in Malay) ice cream (top left) and the clouds in pastel blue background (bottom left). I also find the print of cassette tapes peeking out from a pocket (middle middle) rather whimsical. But some of the prints seem a little too crowded (top right, middle right and bottom middle). Though I will have to see the dresses to decide if that is the case, or perhaps the prints are juxtaposed appropriately.

Lark and Peony is going retro with their cheongsam, at least for one dress.
This comes with a circle skirt. It will be interesting to see the full design. But the collar is too short though. Anyway this is part of the next collection scheduled for launch in mid October.


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