Cheongsam Spotting

I have not had much ideas for a new post after the last one, so I thought I would showcase pictures of cheongsams I have been taking whenever I chanced upon any.

I had not mentioned anything on Vourgeois for a long time. Here are two cheongsam dresses available at the store located on the 4th level of One Raffles Place. The design is typical of Vourgeois style: block colored silk fabrics, and the embellishments, if any, are sequins. There is little variations in the design, and the dresses come in the straight cut fit with hidden back zip.


I chanced upon this dress at Ong Shunmugam boutique I went to my regular alteration shop, “hey, this looks like the design from Our Bitsy Prints!”. I sent the photo to Melanie who told me OBP was inspired by the Verdame dress from the Valentino S/S collection, and the designer at Ong Shunmugam likely had the same Eureka moment.

This is a mandarin top and pants set from OS. When I first saw it, my thought was “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this.” It looks similar to what my late grandma wore.

Then there is this funny looking dress which looks like a mish-mash of fabrics (or “rojak” as we call here).

Ong Shunmugam also offers peplum cheongsams. I thought the length seems a little too long, and the dresses look matronly as a result.

A simple cheongsam dress from Mama & Misse, with flare bottom.

This is a beautiful lace cheongsam from Hana. I like the graduated color of the lining fabric.

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