The cheongsam news snippets

In this month, there have been launches from some online boutiques and sneek peeks of what to expect. Joli Pretty launched their second collection on 7 August, while The Happy Cheongsam launched its 5th collection last Friday, and The Lady General had one as well.

The Launches
Joli Pretty’s latest collecton is a continuation of their first, with the same design except for two dresses. And these two have sold out so far, though the reason could be that they retail at $89 each because of the polyester fabric. One is a bias cut dress with frontal colorful parrots print and block black color on the back. It is an interesting design though I have reservation about the parrots print which reminds me of a cushion cover.

The other is a short sleeved A-line dress with owls print which is better. The design reminds me of the simple elegance of Shanghai Tang but with a whimsical tone.

THC’s collection is inspired by California, though to be honest, I don’t see any link. There are two pretty dresses, like this formal turquoise green cheongsam below with a rosette on the belt. It would make an outstanding outfit for a cocktail party or a wedding luncheon.

Then there is this dress that reminds me of something similar from Sissae.

Except that for the Sissae dress, the print is pointing down.

When I first saw TLG’s latest collection, I spotted the peplum cheongsams with batik bottom, and initially went “that is so auntie!”.
The problem is that it is a knee length dress, and of course the brown color doesn’t help. But on further thoughts, TLG may be catering to a wide range of clientele ranging from their 20s’ to 50’s or above. So the peplum dresses are actually appropropate for the older women.

For the younger set, there is the youthful orchid print flared bottom cheongsam with a wide belt, which is rather pretty. I prefer this to the purple Ji dress of the same design; I find the print a little too loud and getai-like (stage dress).

TLG also offers a casual cheongsam with a retro feel. The designer, Elaine, has got it right with a short dress catered for the weekends. This will be a refreshing change from the usual jeans or shorts.

Looking at the TLG dresses, I noticed the incorporation of local features like the batik and orchids, something that Our Bitsy Prints and Blum do too, and this is heartening.This is something to encourage and support, where we make the cheongsams our own using our cultural heritage.

Sneek Peeks
Our Bitsy Prints will be launching their latest collection this Thursday, featuring geometric prints. One of the new designs is a relaxed fit, but I find the color rather dreary.

OBP - geometric prints</

Here is what you can expect when the dresses are available two days ago. I see a mix of old and new designs. And are there two dresses with tulip bottom that I spotted?


Lark and Peony offers a peek into the prints for its 2015 Chinese New Year designs, and again the trend is geometric, but of vibrant and contrasting colors; as well as whimsical Russian dolls and autumn leaves prints which remind me of those from Miz Apparels. Something to look forward to.
Lark & Peony prints

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