An interim comic relief

I ran out of ideas for my blog until a couple of days ago. So while I’m preparing for the next post, I thought I will provide some comic relief for the time being.

1) Deathbed Instructions
(Something that Singaporeans will get it.)

Ramasamy is on his deathbed. He asked his nurse to be a witness to his will.

His wife, his daughter and two sons are at his bedside..all grieving…

“So”, he says to them:

“Lingam, I want you to take the houses in Steven road ..”

“Saraswathy, take the apartments over in Bukit Timah estate…”

“Jega, I want you to take the offices over in CBD Central….”

“Lulumali, my dear wife, please take all the residential buildings in Tekka”..

The nurse is just so amazed and envy by all this, and as Ramasamy passes away, she says, “Mrs. Lulumali, your husband must have been such a hardworking and rich man to have accumulated all these wealth for all of you…

Lulumali replies,  “we send newspaper one la!..


2) When you wish presbyopia on your neighbors

Not long ago, C relayed this incident to us.

“Last night, I took out the garbage, and bumped into my next door neighbors, sending their friends. So I said ‘hi’ to them, waved and smiled. Came back in the house, went to take a shower, and saw myself in the mirror. There was a thick black border round my face and upper lip!”

“Huh? How come?”

“I had a black peel-off mask after dinner, and thought I had peeled the whole thing off my face…I consoled myself that it was dark outside, Though the garbage bins are just under the street lights.”

“It’s ok wa, auntie…’

“The street lights just outside your house?

“Yeah…maybe they thought it was shadows”

“Yeah… maybe they have presbyopia.”


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