Cheongsam for the occasion

The Happy Cheongsam launched their 4th collection two Thursdays ago and Our Bitsy Prints launched their 15th collection last Thursday. But this time I am not reviewng their cheongsams, instead I am going to highlight the pretty dresses for the special occasions, together with those from the new collections of other brands.

The latest launch from THC comes in candy colored Shantung silk, and this sweet-looking pastel yellow dress has the tulip bottom fit that I like. In fact it is the same design as the Tiffany blue dress from the first collection except that the collar is 4cm high. If you are looking for a pretty dress to wear for a meeting with the to-be in-laws, this will do the trick to present a positive first impression.

A neon pink dress, also from THC, that features a bow on the waist. This is perfect for a bride at an afternoon tea reception or marriage registry. This will also look great during Chinese New Year, which will set you apart from the rest of the boring red.

Both dresses from THC are also good for first dates. He won’t be able to take his eyes away from you.

I really like this pretty perankan print from OBP, which is inspired by the unique peranakan tiles that OBP founders discovered in the old houses located at Joo Chiat. I love that it is paired with a bright teal green color. This dress is an eye turner wherever you go.

The fabric is made from organic cotton. I was wondering if there is a difference in feel between the organic and non-organic cotton. It turns out not. Melanie from OBP explained:
“The normal cotton that we use for day-to-day purposes on our regular tee shirts etc is actually genetically modified so that the produce can meet the world’s demand. However, when harvesting “normal” cotton, there will be some harm to the environment; especially to some vital insects. 

Organic cotton does not have any visible/physical differences from normal cotton though, so you won’t be able to tell, but it’s just that they are harvested in a less harmful manner to the environment. This fabric is also made with eco-responsible, low impact dyes for printing and dying of the prints.”

So you are helping to protect the environment by using organic cotton.

OBP also launched a bright yellow dress (fabric is organic cotton as well) with sapphire-colored piping and detachable belt. I like this design with its high collar (reminds me of the Mongolian traditional wear), and the cheery print and color combination is a standout.

I was hoping to get my hands on either one of the above dresses but unfortunately I was too slow. I must say OBP’s latest launch has a number of interesting and pretty prints. Good work, ladies!

I haven’t checked out Sissae’s new collections til now. Their dresses have gone bold and sexy!

This va-va-voom sultry black dress titillates with its peekaboo design. It is a stunner for an evening at a fine restaurant. If you are dressed to impress on a first date, this is a knock-out!

The below cheongsam with a midi skirt may seem conservative, but I think the fabrics of crepe and organza silk make it look really graceful. The print on the skirt gives it a contemporary feel as well. It is the perfect follow-up date dress to the one above, showing you are not all sultry but capable of channelling elegance.

The following Shanghai Tang red wool dress has an ultra short collar. I’m usually not one to go for it but the fabric and cut drape so beautifully on the bodice and makes it irresistibly. It is simple and yet sophisticated, that I can’t help myself from droolng over the design. I have to make an exception to this ultra modern look.

Finally I found a dress from Lark and Peony that I like: a beautiful sapphire blue dress with obi belt. Though it’s a classic cut with high collar, it comes with short puff sleeves. I like how the obi belt complements the dress, adding a touch of elegance. The dress is named after a warrior princess, and indeed the beautiful royal color is fit for one. (I wish there is a description of the fabric though.)

This is an interesting print from Elegente: dramatic red coral on white silk, a statement piece.


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