A cheongsam medley – part 2

I was informed by Elaine of The Lady General online cheongsam store, a couple of weeks ago, that she had a new collection launched with higher collar. (The previous collection, using vintage kimono fabric, has short collar which doesn’t make the dresses look good.) I checked it out, and yes the collar is slightly higher but what’s with the boring, matronly-looking prints and colors?

TLG offers three dresses and three tops this time. There are two dresses with flared bottom: like the one below has an A-line skirt and comes with a waist band.

Whereas the following dress has a more defined pleated skirt.

Then there is the fitted look with draped details and a waist band.
The problems with the dresses are the conservative prints and boring colors. And the white waist band is ugly. Like the draped dress in cafe au lait color (described as pale beige in the website), it would look more sophisticated with a shimmery pale gold fabric with a wider leather woven belt. The shoes are also too clunky for the dress, and the bag is redundant.

As for the tops, it’s a mixed bag. For the one below, all I can say is that thank God for the pretty model who carries the top. The print is oldish looking!

This top is better, and the different colors (white with colored circles in front and wintry green behind) makes it interesting. Though I prefer a slightly higher collar.
I don’t really like this print for the relaxed fit look. Coupled with the three-quarter sleeves, it aged the wearer, like something grandma would wear.

I understand from Elaine that the next collection will feature even higher collar. I hope the designs are better.

Separately Our Bitsy Prints launched their 14th collection called “This Concrete Jungle” last Thursday in conjunction with Racial Harmony Day in mid July (which I had no idea until I read about it), and in anticipation of Singapore’s National Day on 8 August. This is really a mini launch because there are only three dresses available. There is nothing new to the designs, which are taken from past collections,
though the prints feature the cultural motif of Singapore. (Well, only one which is distinctively Singapore.)

The first is the usual flare bottom cheongsam dress, where the top has print of the national flower (an orchid by the name of Vanda Miss Joachim) against the backdrop of voronoi pattern.

The second dress is also the same design with batik printed trimming and belt. To be honest, the batik is also a part of the Malaysian and Indonesian culture, so there is nothing unique to Singapore here.

The third is an asymmetrical blue batik A-line dress. I don’t like the print and the dress reminds me of maternity wear, maybe because it looks a little too big on the model, like she has a tummy to cover. But God forbids anyone treating this as maternity wear and pairs it with tights, because that constitutes a fashion crime!

So there you have, unfortunately nothing interesting from OBP.

Anyway just before Easter, Melanie and Grace from OBP sent me an Easter gift, a new design from collection 12, called “Abstract Art Berries”. It took several weeks before i could wear it, after a few alterations and dry cleaning. So here is the dress, which I find pretty comfortable and easy to wear, a modern cheongsam suitable for busy moms. My only beef is that the collar is a little short for me; would be great if it is half an inch higher. Here’a thought: what about a variation of this design like an empire waist?


Pardon the stiff posture, I'm not good at having my picture taken.


6 thoughts on “A cheongsam medley – part 2

  1. Thanks for the mention Maria! πŸ™‚ Oh and regarding Racial Harmony Day… well you’ll know when Buddy’s childcare teacher starts to requests for him to be dressed up in an ethnic costume! πŸ˜‰

  2. May I know where you had the alterations done?
    Or do you know any place that do good alterations?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

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